Feb 10, 2019

“All natural” is definitely in right now. This is true in the restaurant/food industry, the fashion industry, and even the beauty industry. This article will focus on all-natural products that are making huge waves in the beauty industry. You might even call these products “game changers.” Read below to learn more about some of the all-natural beauty products that are currently available. These products will help you look, and feel, better.

Hair Extensions

The days of synthetic hair extensions are pretty much over. It is all about human hair extensions now. For us, this was always a no-brainer. Human hair extensions last longer, look better, and feel better. That is why so many women are now buying 100% Remy human hair extensions. This is one of the many cases where natural is better.

All Natural Lipstick

All-natural lipstick has also become very popular lately. Natural lipstick is made from beeswax and natural oils. Natural lipstick is every bit as bright and colorful as synthetic lipstick, but without all of the chemicals. All-natural lip gloss has also seen an uptick in sales recently.

All Natural Haircare Products

The all-natural revolution in hair is not just limited to hair extensions. There is a huge demand these days for haircare products that are made from natural ingredients. Luckily, there is a huge (and ever-growing) supply as well. Such products include everything from hair oils, to finishing sprays, to shampoos, to conditioners, to volumizers, to serums. You name it, and you can find it “all-natural.” This is a great thing. Many synthetic haircare products have chemicals that can actually damage your hair in the long run. They are not only less gentle on your hair, but less gentle on the environment as well. This accounts for the switch to natural hair products. Pro tip: you can even use natural haircare products on your human hair extensions!Shampoo


All-natural moisturizers leave your skin feeling softer and fresher than ever before. Many moisturizer companies are now offering all-natural products. All-natural moisturizers are especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin. Synthetic moisturizers contain chemicals which can be potentially harmful to sensitive skin, even causing allergic reactions. All-natural moisturizers, on the other hand, are hydrating and gentle at that same time. Of course, this is also a great product for people who don’t have sensitive skin.


Soap was one of the first skincare/beauty products to reflect the all-natural craze. These days, all-natural soap is more popular than ever. There was a time when you had to go to an organic store to buy all-natural soap, but now they can be found at a wide variety of stores, including the “big box” chains. There are so many all-natural soaps on the market that it really comes down to finding the brand that is right for you. Many people report feeling “cleaner” after using all-natural soap, compared to more synthetic soaps. All-natural soaps are also more gentle on the skin.