Aug 05, 2017

While most brides wish to celebrate their big day in early spring to summer, an often overlooked and underrated time of year for weddings is during the fall. Autumn weddings offer a more temperate climate as well as stunning foliage which would make a lovely background setting for any outdoor wedding.

Unique Venues

With outdoor scenery beginning to light up in a dazzling display of fall foliage and comfortable temperatures, the ideal venue for an autumn wedding is certainly outdoors. Think of areas with lots of foliage or fields of yellow grass that could work for a wedding, like a city or state park. A farm with an old barn could also be stunning, as would a field of sunflowers. Of course, temperatures may begin to lower as the evening continues, so hosting the reception indoors is a good option. If not, maybe provide baskets of flannel blankets to keep with the autumn theme for guests who might be cold or have mini fire pits set up for additional warmth.

Harvest Colors

Autumn is a great time to experiment with colors that are outside the normal pastel hues of blush pink or mint green which have become increasingly popular over the years. Jewel tones can be stunning in a flower bouquet and offset with something a bit more rustic, like perhaps wrapped in burlap or tied with straw. Think deep purples, wine, burgundy, mauve, dusty blue, burnt orange, navy, and dark greens.

Seasonal Food

There are endless seasonal food options that could be incorporated into a fall theme. For wedding favors, a cute idea might be tiny pumpkin or apple pies as a seasonal treat. During the cocktail hour, set up a hot cocoa and cider station that will warm the body and heart should temperatures start to drop off. You can set up dark rum for spiking the cider and a cream liqueur to add to the hot chocolate, should your guests need additional warmth. Fun toppings might include marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, apples slices, or candy corn. A caramel apple bar would also be a well-received option at the dessert station, with individual apple slices being dipped in caramel to make things less messy for guests as opposed to biting into a full apple.
Soft Wavy Hair
Popular hair styles for fall weddings tend to feature soft, loose, waves in colors like chestnut or a deeper brunette shade. A luxury hairpiece is a type of extension made from real hair that can add length and volume and is available in any shade to match your existing hair color. Try incorporating a braid, such as a fishtail or Dutch braid, around the crown to add interest and volume. Extensions can provide the length and thickness needed for such a braid to fully wrap around the head. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection
Autumn Themed Décor
The options for cute autumn décor are endless. For the reception tables, you could use plaid, buffalo check, burlap, or lace as a backdrop. Seasonal produce and foliage can be used as décor with bunches of cinnamon sticks, chopped logs, red and green apples, pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, and leaves.