young woman with wavy, highlighted blonde hair wearing a hat.

Jun 13, 2024

We’ll cut to the chase rather than dragging out the suspense: of course you can wear a wig with a hat!

In fact, wearing a hat over your wig is a great hack for cutting down styling time. We do advise that you take a few precautions when wearing a hat with your wig. We’ll get into the details of keeping your wig healthy under a hat, as well as some cute styling tips.

Our 100% Remy European human hair wigs are handmade for longevity, and wearing a cap on your wig won’t change that. Hats are a great way to accessorize your wig and keep your looks versatile. Wearing a hat can also protect your wig from inclement weather. Whether you style your favorite wig with a beanie or a floppy sunhat, this advice will keep your wig in pristine condition.

Pros and Cons to Wearing Hats with Wigs


    1. Saving time and effort

      You don’t want people to know you’re wearing a wig, but making sure it’s spotless is too hard. We get it! Styling your hairline just right and getting a natural looking part are difficult. Wearing a hat over your wig will spare you the energy required in making the details perfect.

    2. Mixing up your look

      Every girl gets a wild streak about changing her hair once in a blue moon. With a precious wig, however, impulsive bathroom bangs aren’t the best idea. Put down the scissors and bleach and pick up a cute cap instead.

    3. Adapting to the weather

Hair doesn’t always like humidity, rain, or wind, and wigs are no exception to this rule. Wearing a hat can give your wig a little bit of a break from the conditions of the outdoors. Hats are also a practical option to protect your hair, skin, and eyes from the weather.


  1. You may be surprised, but we can’t think of any cons. Wear that hat with confidence, girl!

Safely Wearing a Wig with a Hat

Friction is not hair’s best friend. Human hair wigs can experience dryness and breakage just like the hair on our heads can. Certain materials are particularly damaging to hair.

Nylon, a synthetic fabric, is quite rough and can encourage breakage. Cotton, although natural and great for breathability, will dry out hair. If you plan to wear either on your head, give your wig some extra love and moisture afterwards.

To carefully wear a beanie over a wig, consider finding a silk or satin-lined option. As a natural fiber, silk is cooler and more breathable, but neither will break the hair of your wig.

For the sake of longevity, wigs require TLC. Hair masks and conditioning sprays both work to prevent dryness and breakage from friction, accessories, or regular wear.

A woman with long dark hair holding the brim of her hat.

Wig and Hat Styling Tips

When choosing a hat to wear over your wig, try sizing up. A wig can add significant volume and bulk to your head, so your typical size may not fit. As we mentioned early, the material of your hat does matter. To best care for human hair or other wigs you want to keep for many years, select smooth and high quality materials.

We recommend giving yourself a practice run before wearing your wig and hat look out. This will allow you to work out any kinks, so you have nothing to worry about in public.

First, secure your wig to your head well. No matter what you use, ensure that it’s not going to budge. Each of our wigs features a stretchy band with clasps and clips on each side. You can also use wig glue, tape, or a wig gripper.

You will want to make sure that the wig underneath the hat is smooth, with no bumps. Try not to flatten your wig by crushing the roots with your hat. Always be gentle with your wigs.

Next, secure the hat to the wig. You can keep the hat on the wig with bobby pins. If either the wig or the hat isn’t in place, both could go sliding off your head.

Now that you know our favorite tips and tricks for wearing hats with wigs, we can’t wait to see your outfits! Matching clothes and wigs and hats is like playing with paper dolls for grownups.

Cute Wigs to Wear with Hats

Our lace front luxury human hair wigs will look cute and natural on you, with or without a hat. Each strand is triple-knotted and hand-tied to our unique micromesh base. We treat each wig with the same delicate care we’d offer to our own hair.

Now that you know how to style your wig and hat like a pro, we have fashion ideas for you! To rock a cap like one of your favorite style inspirations, we recommend these wigs below.

For a cool girl, model-off-duty look, we love a long balayage like The Olivia with a Los Angeles Dodgers ballcap.

If you’re after the vibe of a cool city girl, pair a neutral felt brimmed hat with a long bob, such as The Giselle.

When your mood is more like that of a witchy woman, we think you might be entering your Midnight era. She would be cute with a beanie or even the classic pointed black hat.

Beachy babes can pair The Bri with a wide-brimmed straw hat for the perfect sun-kissed aesthetic.

Whatever wig and hat combo you choose, we know you’ll look beautiful and be fully satisfied with your wig. We are committed to the highest quality products and customer service at every step of our process. This makes our hair better by every metric that counts. Extensions and wigs from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are:

  • Better feeling
  • Better looking
  • Easier to care for
  • Longer lasting
  • More seamless

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