Jun 02, 2020

Clip-in hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection tend to be a helpful approach to take your appearance to the next level as it adds measurement to your hair. These clip-in hair extensions are quite natural to style, remove, and embed that it’s so conceivable to unexpectedly misuse them, thereby causing harm to your hair all the while.

How to Guard Your Hair Against Damage

While you’re wearing your clip-in hair extensions, you may want to protect your hair by using some of the steps below.

Never Sleep With Your Hair Extensions

You may risk your extensions tangled during the night if you nod off in your clip-in hair extensions. It is highly recommended to eliminate your clip-in extensions before you go to bed during the evening. However, you can scarf to keep them set up or use a glossy silk hood to secure them if you can’t.

Give Your Hair a Break

You may incur significant damage to the strength of your hair if you have been wearing clip-in hair extensions at any given moment throughout the day consistently for quite a long time. You can give your hair a rest, which will keep it fit as a fiddle. When you’re giving your clip-in hair extensions a break, you can wear your hair upswept styles on days or complement braids.

Choose Lightweight Hair Extensions

Choose extensions that are weightless instead of additional weight when you’re buying your clip-in hair extensions for consistent use. You will have thicker individual strands of hair in heavier extensions. Lightweight hair extensions that measure 120 grams or less can help spare your hair from harm since they put less weight on your hair.

Remove Extensions Carefully

Since hair extensions are rather easy to remove, people lean toward them. However, you may risk taking some hair with your hair extensions when you remove them quite rapidly. You may want to tenderly separate your hair from the extensions after brushing or combing your hair smoothly before removing your hair extensions. Gently slide out your hair extensions after you have discovered where your hair extensions are joined to your hair. You can make your hair break when you deal with your hair extensions too generally or when you yank or pull them out of your hair. You may also prompt long haul harm if done routinely.