Apr 25, 2017

We all have a favorite celebrity who is complete style goals. Their hair, makeup, fashion and lifestyle are always on point. Whether it is a red carpet event or a paparazzi snapped photo, your Hollywood stars look pretty amazing nearly 100 percent of the time. Although their seemingly endless budgets help them look flawless, there are tips and tricks that we can all use to get that celebrity look. From Rihanna to Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian, the following guide will elevate your star power.

Get The Makeup

Celebrity makeup looks are always classic with modern flair. In editorial shoots, many will experiment with daring makeup art for aesthetic purposes; however, the key to effortless celebrity style is a simple yet stunning makeup look. Though makeup trends shift every season, the basics remain the same and classic looks are timeless. You can achieve celebrity makeup style by practicing simple looks that can be worn anywhere. Trends such as smokey eyes, red lipstick, neutral looks and tame brows will all quickly push you to celebrity makeup status. Another key in nailing celebrity makeup is to use the proper products. This does not mean skipping meals to afford the designer foundation your favorite pop star swears by. Using makeup that is the right color and formula for your skin tone and type is essential. Many celebs often do not appear to be wearing makeup. Experiment with samples from your local makeup counters and boutiques until you nail your perfect product.

Get The Hair

luxury hair clip-ins Celebrity hair might be the most coveted aspect of celebrity style. From short cuts to long and flowy locks, many of us would trade our hairdos for a celebrity style in an instant. To get celebrity quality hair, there are multiple routes to take. The first step is building an at home hair regimen and schedule. Many let their stylists focus on hair health; however, maintaining hair at home is also helpful. In between salon visits, regularly wash, condition and protect hair from daily styling damage. Another key aspect in nailing celebrity hair is hair extensions. Adding luxury hair extensions to your styles on your next trip to the beauty salon adds that Hollywood effect. Oftentimes celebrity’s hair is full of body and length and, whether you can tell of not, extensions. Do not be shy to add in pieces. Luxury hair clip-ins are a great add-in that are easy to install and look amazing.

Get The Fashion

Celebrity style is where it is at. Celebrities are often seen as style icons. As muses to many designers, starlets are at the forefront of fashion. The major aspect of celebrity fashion is a signature look. Your favorite fashionista can wear multiple outfits that all have an essence of individuality. Hone in on your signature style for celebrity-influenced looks. Identifying your signature style will result in a higher confidence level which is essential for Hollywood appropriate looks. Get celebrity level style by infusing your signature look with bold trends. Incorporate fads seen in magazines, on runways and your favorite fast fashion stores with classic pieces. For celebrity style, fit is key. Buying something in your size is just the first step. Take blazers, gowns, pants and other structured garments to a seamstress and have them tailored for your body to get the wow-factor you’re looking for.