Mar 04 , 2020

Clip In Hair Extensions Versus Semi-Permanent

What Type Of Hair Extensions Are Best?

Hair extensions have come a long way since their first invention. There are many techniques to choose from and they all serve great purposes. Some are made for long-term use and others for temporary length. People have found all sorts of benefits of using hair extensions, like extra length and volume.

If you think hair extensions are right for you, here are some factors to keep in mind. Semi-permanent options are simple for everyday use but require a lot of time “in the chair” so to speak. Clip in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply, but require proper maintenance between uses.

Here are the major differences between clip in hair extensions and semi-permanent hair extensions:

Clip In Hair Extensions Are Simple To Apply

Although you should take care to clip them in a secure way, these hair extensions can be put in on your own. Semi-permanent hair extensions often require a visit to the salon and hours in the chair. After all that time, you are left with a natural look that you can wake up to every day! However, some prefer the simple application of a high-quality clip in hair extension. These can be purchased right here from The Laurent Ashtyn Collection!

Change Your Look In Minutes

Needless to say, semi-permanent hair extensions cannot be removed and applied again. They can last up to three months with careful care. Clip in hair extensions are able to be removed every day, so a shorter look can be achieved in a snap! They can last for 3 years!

Clip In Hair Extensions Are Pain-Free

In addition to saving time in the salon chair, clip in hair extensions are virtually pain-free. With a safe and cautious application, there should be no tugging or pulling of the scalp. No heat needs to be applied! Semi-permanent options often require heat and irritation to the scalp is possible even with the tape-in and “loop” methods.

Clip In Hair Extensions Are Long-Lasting

Although it is not recommended to keep your clip in hair extensions applied overnight, you can get lots of hours of use over time. Semi-permanent hair extensions last for three months maximum. Clip in hair extensions can be kept for years if properly handled.


The moment we have all been waiting for: what’s it all going to cost me? Clip in hair extensions are worth their price if purchased from a reputable organization and are made with high-quality materials.

That’s why we offer high-quality Remy clip in hair extensions at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Feel free to browse our inventory to see if you can find the right clip in hair extension for you. We offer customizable hair extensions because we know every head of hair is unique.