A close-up of a brunette model with long curly hair with bangs.

Jun 12, 2024

A quick guide to styling bangin’ curls 

Curly hair—unpredictable, wild, and beautifully rebellious. It’s a natural crown that can feel more like a beast some days, especially when you throw bangs into the mix. Whether it’s the humid kiss of frizz or the sudden shrinkage after drying, managing curly hair is a—let’s just say—adventure. 


And bangs? They're a fashionable leap of faith that many curly-haired beauties hesitate to make. Yet, when done right, they frame your face and enhance your features in ways you never imagined. Remember when Rihanna stepped out with those perfectly tousled curly bangs back in 2015? It was an invitation for all of us to rethink what curly hair with bangs could look like—effortlessly cool and utterly trendsetting.


Ready to make it happen for you? This guide will walk you through all the ins, outs, dos, and don’ts. 


How to make curly hair with bangs work

Think curly hair with bangs is a no-go? Let's bust that myth. Bangs aren’t just a fringe benefit—they're your curl’s partner in crime, giving your face and vibe a whole new dimension.


Here’s the real talk on making them work: It starts with a savvy cut. No cookie-cutter chops here; your face shape calls the shots. Got a round face? Opt for elongated bangs that play it cool across your forehead. More angular features? Soft, breezy curls can soften your edges and add a playful twist.


And let's not gloss over the grow-in phase—where your curls learn to live with their new stylish companion. This isn’t an overnight success story. It's about trial, error, and finding what makes your curls work for you. Consult a stylist for their curly hair wisdom. They're the pros who can help you navigate the choppy waters of first-time bangs, offering tried-and-true tips like embracing a diffuser to avoid a poodle-esque pouf and picking styling creams that won’t weigh down your newfound fringe.


Armed with the right cut and insider know-how, your curly bangs are set to do more than just frame your face—they're about to redefine your whole style playbook. 


Curly bangs across the board

Curly hair with bangs isn't just a style choice—it's practically a lifestyle upgrade. Let’s strut through six styles that'll have your curls bouncing with excitement and your friends buzzing with compliments.


Wispy bangs

Think of wispy bangs as the soft-spoken bestie of your curly family. They’re light, airy, and perfect if you're testing the bangs' waters or have finer curls. They add a flutter of romance without overwhelming your face’s storyline. Pro tip: A dab of light curl cream will keep them from flying off into frizz land.


Blunt bangs

Curly hair with straight bangs are the bold statement earrings of your hairdo. If you’ve got the curls to match their drama, these bangs carve out a striking frame for your face. Keep them grazing the eyebrows for that cool, artsy vibe, and slick on some serum to keep the frizz at bay and the gloss on point.


Side-swept bangs

Seeking a look for long curly hair with bangs? Side-swept bangs are like that versatile LBD in your closet that looks good no matter the occasion. Elegant yet effortless, they flow seamlessly into your curls and can flatter any face shape. Quick fix for a "meh" day? Sweep them to one side and clip them for an instant glam-up.


Botticelli bangs

As for short curly hair with bangs: Botticelli bangs call back to those classic Renaissance curls—full, rounded, and rich with texture. Best for those with tighter spirals, they’re about letting your natural curl power rule. Grab your diffuser, enhance their sculptural glory, and let every day feel a bit more epic.


Curly shag with bangs

Curly hair with bangs and layers, A.K.A. a curly shag, is all about rough edges and texture, allowing you to channel your inner rock goddess. This look doesn’t just walk into a room; it struts, guitar solo and all. Keep the vibe alive with some texturizing spray, and let your curls rock out.


Baby bangs

Baby bangs are the pixie cut of the bangs world—tiny, edgy, and high-fashion. They mix retro vibes with modern boldness, especially popping up against a riot of curls. Maintenance is key: a little product to define them goes a long way, and regular trims keep the look sharp.


Curtain bangs

Curly hair with curtain bangs? A match made in heaven. Soft, parted slightly off-center, and brushed across your forehead, they create a mysterious, peek-a-boo look that’s undeniably chic. They’re perfect for those who want a hint of structure without the commitment of full coverage. Keep them fresh with a light mist of sea salt spray, adding just the right amount of texture without overpowering your natural curls.


So, whether you’re revamping your look or just tweaking it, curly bangs don’t just switch up your look; they make you feel more daring, fun, and adventurous. Picked out your new curl co-conspirator? Read on for more styling tips to keep this trendy hair duo strong. 


5 curly hair with bangs maintenance tips

Maintaining curly hair with bangs is all about keeping your curls happy and healthy. Here’s how to handle the daily grind of curly bang upkeep so that your locks stay lively. 


1. Wash wisely 

Curly hair, especially with bangs, doesn’t thrive on daily washes. Overwashing can strip away natural oils and leave your curls dry and frizzy. Aim for a few washes a week using a sulfate-free shampoo that cleans without being harsh. When washing, focus on the scalp and let the suds gently run through the bangs and lengths to clean without over-manipulating your curls.


2. Condition like a champ

Never skip the conditioner. Curly hair needs moisture to look its best, and your bangs are no exception. Apply a deep conditioner or a curl-specific conditioner that can hydrate without weighing down your hair. For bangs, a light touch is key; apply only a small amount to avoid greasy-looking roots.


3. Dry your locks with TLC

Avoid rubbing your curly bangs dry with a towel as it can increase frizz and breakage. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to gently blot and squeeze the moisture out. For those who use a hair dryer, a diffuser attachment is a must. It spreads out the air flow to help define curls and reduce frizz, giving your bangs and overall style a softer, more defined look.


4. Be savvy with styling products 

When it comes to styling products, less is often more with curly bangs. Use lightweight mousses or creams that keep your curls defined and bouncy without the heaviness. Avoid heavy waxes or oils near your bangs to prevent them from clumping together or looking oily. For a quick refresh during the day, a spritz of water mixed with a little leave-in conditioner can help rejuvenate and reshape your bangs without a full wash.


5.  Trim tresses regularly 

Curly hair with bangs can grow out of shape faster than you might expect. Regular trims will keep your style looking intentional and fresh. Communicate with your stylist about the natural shrinkage of your curls to ensure your bangs always sit just right.


The bottom line? For care-free curly hair with bangs, a little maintenance goes a long way.


Extending your options for curly hair with bangs

Craving more volume in those curls? Let's talk curl-friendly, human hair extensions. They're the perfect sidekick for your curly bangs, adding just the right amount of drama without the wait. Customizable to blend with your natural curl and color, these extensions get cozy with your own locks for a seamless finish. 


The best part about pairing high-quality extensions with your curly bangs look? You can play around with length and fullness without any commitment. So if your bangs are feeling a bit flat or you're itching for a longer, lusher look, clip in some extensions and watch your hair come to life.


The takeaway: You CAN make curls and bangs a thing

Curly hair with bangs doesn’t have to be a big deal. Think of it as just another way to refresh your look when you’re craving a change at the salon. 


Feeling adventurous? Go ahead and play with the length and volume. It’s all about making your hair work for you and your style. And hey, if you need a little help along the way, the right products are key to keeping those curls bouncy and those bangs sharp.