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Jul 19, 2023

Let me introduce myself! My name is Lauren Ashtyn, I'm the owner and designer of The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. A global hair extension, wig, and hair topper company. I am a licensed hair replacement expert in my industry! I'm the daughter of a professional licensed stylist, and have spent my entire life immersed in the culture of the modern professional salon.

Professional licensed hair expert

My goal has always been to make my clients look, and feel, like the very best versions of themselves. I alongside my team help thousands of women all over the world with hairloss. We have tons of clients that have all forms of alopecia, cancer, hormone imbalances, covid hairloss, menopause, postpartum hairloss, trichotillomania, female pattern hairloss and many other causes of hairloss.

cancer causing hairloss

I started this brand to be able to help all of the women struggling with hairloss and it brings me great joy to be such a mission driven professional brand. I wanted to write a blog explaining the main differences between wigs and hair toppers from a professional hair experts point of view. All of my collection is 100% European Remy Human hair. This is very important as my collection is a luxury hair brand.

Global professional wig hair topper company

Let start off with some information about hair toppers. I have two base sizes in my collection of hair toppers which I refer to as my volume extensions. I have a light volume extension which is a 3x5 base size. This piece is very popular among women first starting out with a little hair loss or women that dont have hairloss they are just wanting to cover their roots in-between a color service. This mainly covers the part of your own hair and give a small amount of coverage. This hair topper is not for someone with major hairloss and is not for someone who is wanting the ends of their hair to look thicker along with the extra volume on top. Lots of customers start with the light volume extension topper but eventually usually all end up purchasing a full volume extension topper at some point if their hairloss continues.

professional licensed wig maker

My full volume extension hair topper is for women with fine hair, thinning hair, or patches of baldness as it has a base size that is large enough to cover the area. My full volume extension topper is 5x6 base size. This hair topper is a perfect size to be able to pull into a ponytail, updo or clip and nobody will be able to see that your wearing it! The full volume is my most popular out of my luxury hair collection. Clients looking for length and volume often pair my full volume extension with my luxury length extension which gives volume and coverage on top and then length on the bottom.

hair toppers with bangs

When wanting length and volume its very important to pair these two pieces together as the topper laying on top of the length extension helps cover your own hair length so it blends properly. When I first started my collection almost a decade ago I started with my light volume hair topper extension, full volume hair topper extension and my luxury length extension.

global hair extension expert

Three years ago I launched my luxury Lacefront wig line. After years of helping women that had hairloss I decided I needed to take it a step further for women that had very little to no hair at all. Some customers simply cannot wear a topper as they do not have enough hair or no hair at all for it to clip into. My luxury wig collection has many lengths and colors to choose from and im constantly expanding the line to add additional options for clients. Wigs are used for clients that want a totally different hair color that they cannot achieve on their own or they don't want to fix their hair at all in the mornings so they put their wig on. Most of my clientele will use my wig collection because they do not have any hair at all. Most of them have alopecia or are unfortunately going through radiation or chemo. I launched a program this year trying to help customers have insurance coverage for their toppers and wigs.  

Family of hair licensed hair experts

I am so happy to have a collection that can help every single women with any kind of hairloss as I have so many options available for their hair needs. I hope this blog helps you to understand the difference in hair toppers and wigs. All of hair toppers and wigs are meant to be customized by a licensed hair stylist to blend with your own hair or to suite your personal preferences! I 

feel a personal responsibility to continue to educate, innovate in the hairloss space and to professionally help women all over the world struggling with hairloss!


helping women with hairloss