Dec 31, 2018

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for hairstyles. With so many new styles emerging, and so many vintage styles reemerging, it can be difficult to keep track! That is why we have listed some of the biggest upcoming hair trends for 2019. Keep these in mind the next time you go to the salon.

Manicured Beards

While this article will mostly cover women’s hairstyles, we thought we would start off with one of the biggest hair trends for men: the manicured beard. The scraggly, lumberjack beard of years past has given way to a well-groomed beard that shines and bristles. Need proof? Sales of beard oil – which brings out the color and shininess of a beard, while also treating the surrounding skin – have been through the roof lately. We are already christening 2019 the “Year of the Beard.”

Thick, Luxurious Hair

clip in hair extensionIf the past several months are any indication, women will want thick, luxurious hair in 2019. This begs the question, “How do you instantly add volume in a matter of seconds?” The answer: clip in hair extensions. Hair toppers will perfectly supplement the hair that you already have, making it thicker and fuller. Speaking of trends in 2019, when it comes to buying clip in hair toppers, women are choosing to steer clear of cheap, machine-made toppers and go for quality, handmade extensions. The best hair toppers can last up to three years or more. And we believe that this trend will last for years to come.


When it comes to hairstyles, 2019 is all about layering. You can expect to see plenty of cascading layers, as well as internal (or “lion’s mane”) layers. Both styles add depth and body to hair. Again, hair extensions can be purchased for instant layering.


The bob haircut is also making a big comeback in 2019. This is part of a larger hair and fashion trend of embracing all things retro. Many women are going for the “rounded bob,” while others are opting for the “blunt bob.” Either way, the bob haircut will give you a retro sophistication that is totally in style right now.

The High Ponytail

It seems like each year a different type of ponytail emerges as the “it” hairstyle. This year, it is the high ponytail. This look is popular because it elongates a woman’s facial features, accentuating her natural beauty. It is also popular because it is a “no fuss” style that is very easy to rock. You can expect to see it in straight and wavy styles.

Hair Accessories

If you were paying attention in 2018, you noticed that fashion accessories were hugely popular. In 2019, the accessory trend is extending to hair. This means clips, bobby pins, and even flowers. As with fashion ensembles, accessories can add color and personality to a hairstyle as well. Hair accessories are also fun and affordable, which means that we expect this hair trend to be very popular across the board in 2019.