Jun 02 , 2020

There is an underlying opinion that real hair extensions are not safe. The view is that they can cause thick or thin hair, headaches, or hair loss. Mainly, the general impression from some quarters is that they are bad for your hair. You must, however, find out first before you believe this opinion whether the actual extensions damage your hair. Could the blame be on the inadequate and incorrect fusion methods? Many women add about 300 grams of hair strands or even more on their heads!

You may want to hold back a bit and don’t rush into trusting those opinions. Those that oppose the use of real hair extensions are one-sided individuals who are trying to scare you. And it’s worth looking at the whole ‘damaged hair’ from the other side.

Can Real Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Real hair extensions will not damage your hair if they have been properly attached. And like all things in life, the technique is essential for everything. Even you can damage your skin while applying makeup on your face. However, there is nothing you have to worry about if you are not going over the top.

Hair Damage Causes

The people handling the real hair extensions are the biggest issue with them and not the extensions. It could be the supermassive hair sets that cause scalp pain or headaches and even hair loss, and it can happen from inexperienced stylists that damage your hair. You can visit The Lauren Ashtyn Collection if you are looking to know which weight of real hair extensions you should choose. The company has professional stylists that have been fixing real hair extensions for years without fail.

When someone is attempting to install extensions themselves, they can cause damage to hair extensions. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily damage your real hair extensions with DIY installation. This case is particularly about complicated methods like cold or hot fusion.

Also, you have a big chance of ending up damaging your natural strands or the extensions when you do something wrong if you’re not a professional or at least have some experience with those techniques. As such, lousy installation jobs are the fault and not the extensions. You should contact the expert stylists with years of experience at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection to give you recommendations if you’re not confident to attach any extensions at home.

The Importance of Maintenance

Not doing hair right or avoiding hair maintenance is another cause of damage to the real hair extensions. There is required maintenance for each extension type that you must follow for your natural strands’ health and keep them beautiful.

You can end up with a mess if you’re one of those that ignore those rules. For instance, the real hair extensions and your natural strands will get all tangled up if you don’t brush your hair. It will essentially create dreadlocks for you without any way of removing the extensions than to forcefully pull them out or even worse, cutting the hair.