Nov 19, 2018

December is upon us, which means that many women are dealing with the winter blues. Fashion is not typically a high priority in winter: many women are just happy to stay warm. We are here to tell you, however, that it is possible to be both warm and fashionable. A hip winter style might take a little more effort than a summer look, but the results are totally worth it. Read below to find out how you can look great this winter.

Make Time For Fashion This Winter

During winter, many women find that they have less time to get ready in the morning. They need more time to bundle up, and more time to warm up the car before leaving. This is why it is important to embrace time-saving fashion tips in the winter. For example, clip in extensions allow you to achieve the perfect hair in a matter of seconds. We also recommend picking out the next day’s outfit before you go to bed at night. This gives you more time to get bundled up and out the door.clip in top extension

These Boots Were Made For Rockin’

Since you have to wear boots anyway this winter, you might as well wear some stylish ones. There are many boots on the market that are both stylish and functional. Find a pair (or two) that match your personal style. And trust us; you do not have to sell all your Christmas presents just to get a nice pair of boots. There are many affordable-yet-stylish boots available for purchase.

Embrace The Scarf

Scarves not only help you stay warmer on cold winter days; they also serve as the perfect accessory for a fashion ensemble. Scarves also happen to be all of the rage this season. This is why they have been seen in so many fall/winter fashion shows recently. Instead of buying one all-purpose scarf, buy several, in different lengths and colors. This will allow you to accessorize your scarf to match your outfit.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers serve two purposes in the winter time. For one, they help keep you warm. On top of that, they give you the chance to experiment with different looks than you normally would. Layering allows you to mix, match, and complement like you never have before. Sweaters, turtlenecks, stockings, jeans, skirts, and dresses are all fair game. Layering is stylish and practical: a must for beating the winter blues.

Find The Perfect Hat

During the coldest winter months, you will likely be wearing your winter hat every day. Might as well find a stylish one! With so many types of hats available, it is about finding the hat that reflects your own personal style. Some women prefer big, furry hats with flaps, while for others, a simple skullcap is the way to go. Some women choose to wear alternative head coverings, such as shawls or hoods. These tend to help maintain your hair style, and they are especially friendly to light volume and full volume extensions. Whatever choice you go with, you should see this as another great opportunity to express your style this winter.