May 15, 2017

Hair extensions can give the wearer freedom to try new hairstyles and step out of her comfort zone. Wearing extensions does not mean having a generic look. Your extensions can be altered to reach your individual style goal. Hair extensions can be colored, cut and more. There is more freedom to hair extensions than you may think. From full volume extensions that cover the entire head, helping those with thinning hair and noticeable hair loss, to crown extensions that only circle the crown of your head and add length and volume, the possibilities allow the freedom to perfect the look for you.


Customizable hair extensions have the ability to be color treated to perfectly match or blend with your natural tresses. This gives your hair extensions a natural look. From the outside looking in, nobody will be able to tell you are wearing extensions. The extra length and volume will flow beautifully. Color treating custom hair extensions also gives the opportunity to experiment with color without chemically altering your natural hair. Use hair extensions as a means of trying new colors, even bold ones, without making a permanent change.

Cut And Heat Styling

Hair extensions can be cut and styled to create a custom look just for you and can easily transform into any style. Created from real hair, luxury extensions have the ability to do everything hair does. An investment in a good set of clip-in hair extensions is an investment in infinite style options. Hair extensions provide the opportunity to try new hair shapes, shades, and textures without sacrificing hair quality. Real hair extensions can also be heat styled. Wear hair extensions for glamorous curls and flirty waves achieved with curling irons and wands. Whether you wear them long and loose or sport an amazing updo, real hair luxury hair extensions add life, volume, and dimension to all hair types.


Hair extensions are no longer a onetime use luxury. Hair extensions can be reused and last a wearer years with proper care. Customizable hair extensions are crafted with human hair and are a great investment. Over the span of one year, the average person will change or refresh their hairstyle at least twice a month. Quality hair extensions can cut down on those costs because they last longer.
Hair Care
Real hair extensions require no special maintenance. As they clip in gently and securely, they can be taken out at bedtime and set aside. If cared for properly, they can hold a style for up to three days which means less heat and damage! They only require occasional shampooing and conditioning, making them even easier to care for than your own hair.