Jun 02, 2020

Luxury hair toppers are a viral subject lately. A luxury hair topper is easy to use, lightweight, and merely clipping it into your hair is exceptional for adding volume on top of your head. There are different thicknesses, lengths, sizes, and styles for hair toppers, and they are made from real human hair or synthetic heat resistant fiber. You can check out some of the best luxury hair toppers when you visit The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. The company has professional stylists that will give you the right recommendations, so you have a proper look you’ve ever dreamed of.

Difference Between Wigs and Hair Toppers

Unlike a luxury hair topper, the purpose of the wigs is to cover the whole head. The wig’s hair will be visible while your hair will be hidden under the cap. A luxury hair topper is different from this because it has a smaller base for hair that can clip into an area of your head. When you have hair thinning on the front area of your head or on the crown, an excellent cover for it is a luxury hair topper.

Because your hair will also be visible, hair toppers blend well with your hair to look quite natural. As such, except the hair doesn’t have to match as it is a considerable base size, it is vital to get a luxury hair topper for a perfect blending with similar hair color to yours. You will also find luxury hair toppers as a great way of doing different hairstyles. A luxury hair topper is not as bulky as wigs, and it is light to wear.

Luxury Hair Topper Uses

As a woman with hair loss or hair thinning on the crown and top of your head, you will find a luxury hair topper as a great solution. Apart from that, if you have a few hairs, a luxury hair topper is excellent. You will have coverage on top as it gives you much more hair volume.

Styling Your Luxury Hair Topper

Typically, your luxury hair topper will naturally fall into the same shape as they develop a memory if you have been styling it in the same way repeatedly. For you to style them, you can hold them with a mannequin head, comb them through after spraying them with water. Then, you will apply a heat protecting spray after that, dry them into place. Then, curl or straighten them in the style you like. Next, clip it on your head to style in your desired way.

Choosing a Luxury Hair Topper

Knowing how much hair loss and hair thinning you have is quite essential. You can measure your hair from side to side and front to back to see the extent of the hair loss. Don’t forget the base size by adding an extra inch to each measurement. When it comes to choosing the base for your luxury hair topper, you will have an easier decision to make since you have the idea of how to choose your luxury hair.