Mar 30, 2020

Make Your Hair Instantly More Beautiful

It is said that by wearing luxury hair extensions, you instantly make any hairstyle more beautiful, interesting and noticeable. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection just happens to have high quality, real European Remy human hair extensions to help you do just that. Women everywhere are continually looking for ways to achieve that special look that will improve their hair’s appearance, almost to an obsession. Everyone always wants the things they lack, and with these luxury hair extensions you can have the volume, body, length or even splash of color to add to your own hair that you’ve always wanted.

Customizable And Easy

These amazing and versatile extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. There are many different tutorials offered on their website to help you with this, and every aspect of caring for your luxury hair extensions. Since they are made from the finest human hair on the market, you use the same kind of healthy, nourishing products you would use on your own hair. You only need to wash them every 15 to 20 wears, or when they become unmanageable because of product build-up. Keep them free of tangles by brushing them out with a wide-toothed comb every day, and avoid using heat whenever possible. With this kind of good care, they can last up to 3 years, making them an excellent investment, too.

Non-Damaging And Time-Saving

The line of luxury hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection have a unique clip-in design that does no damage to your own hair, like other methods do. They attach easily and securely in just seconds, and are virtually undetectable from your real hair. You don’t have to worry about spending all day at the beauty salon every time you want to apply or remove them, only to have each application last just a couple of months. Overall, these incredible extensions will save you two things we can all use as much of we can get - time and money.

Other Advantages

Luxury hair extensions like these can provide you with exactly what you’ve been looking for to achieve that look you want, and much more. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a goal for each and every client, to help them become the best version of themselves possible. If you’re like most women, we all want that for ourselves, as well. Sometimes we all need a little help to overcome our hair issues, whatever they may be. With these extensions, this is possible. To add volume, body, length or color, cover unwanted gray hair, or help the appearance of hair loss, these extensions are the answer. Payment plans are available if you qualify, and someone can answer any questions or concerns you may have, either before or after any purchase. You can even schedule a free hair consultation for help with your selection, or just for some advice from the experts at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. So what are you waiting for?