May 25, 2019

You Can Have The Summer Vacation Of Your Dreams Without Ever Leaving Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg, SC is home to so many cool attractions and activities that it is actually possible to have an amazing summer vacation without ever having to leave. A Spartanburg, SC “staycation” will give you memories to last a lifetime. Read below to find out more about all the wonderful things that you can do on your Spartanburg, SC staycation.

Spend The Day Pampering Yourself

hair extension clip-inLadies, one of the most relaxing things that you can do on your staycation is go to a Spartanburg, SC spa, and/or a Spartanburg hair salon. At a spa, you will be totally pampered with all kinds of therapeutic and relaxing treatments. At a salon, you will get styled and beautified to your heart’s content. Hair salons such as the salon run by The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, will not only style and color your hair, but will provide waxing and smoothing services as well. We think that a trip to a spa or hair salon here in Spartanburg, SC is the perfect way to spend a staycation day. More information on hair care consultations can be seen at

Hit The Outdoors

There are many great outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy here in Spartanburg, SC. These activities include:

· Going hiking

· Going camping

· Going on a fun bicycle ride

· Enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner

Spartanburg, SC is home to so much outdoor fun. Its hiking trails and campgrounds are world class, and people come from all over the country to enjoy the natural wonders in and around Spartanburg. So if you are wondering what to do on a sunny summer staycation day here in Spartanburg, SC, we strongly suggest hitting the great outdoors! Just remember to bring the sunscreen and bug spray!

Eat Your Way Around Spartanburg

Many couples and families see vacation as an opportunity to try some amazing new restaurants in a different city. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to fly to New York or Paris in order to have your fill of incredible food on your next vacation. There are plenty of great restaurants right here in Spartanburg, SC. Because so many different people live in and visit this area, you can find dishes from all over the world. Mexican food? Check. Chinese food? Check. Barbecue? Check plus! On your next staycation, make a point to visit as many new and unique Spartanburg, SC restaurants as you can—places that you have never been to before. You will be surprised at how well you can eat here!

Go Shopping

Spartanburg, SC also happens to be a great place to “shop till you drop.” Shopping is an essential part of any successful vacation, and it should be part of your Spartanburg staycation as well. This area is home to plenty of unique and funky shops and boutiques, as well as several major national stores. This truly is a shopper’s paradise. We say get out and enjoy it.