Mar 03 , 2020

How To Choose The Best Hair Toppers

Key Factors For Hair Toppers

If you think it’s time to make the leap for a hair topper, there are many factors to consider before simply purchasing one. The best hair toppers come from a reputable company and brand, usually made of 100% human hair. Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we sell the Remy brand exclusively. Read on to see why.

What Is A Hair Topper?

A hair topper is used when someone is experiencing hair loss or thinning at the top of the head. Some find a use for hair toppers when they experience the onset of gray hair or just want a bit of “bump” at the roots of their hair. These can be customized based on the look you want. Clip-in extensions can be found here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

Look For Human Hair

This is one topic in which the brand is everything. Especially when purchasing a hair topper online, it is important to do the necessary reading. Consider what type of hair loss you are experiencing, or if you are just looking to cover the

Remy Hairpieces

We recommend the Remy brand, and it is all we sell at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Remy is considered to offer the best hair toppers and other hair extensions for a number of reasons. Firstly, they only work with 100% real human hair. Secondly, they get their human hair from donors who could use the extra pocket cash and other humane ways. Finally, they take special care of the hair after it has been removed in order to keep the cuticle intact.

This is what sets Remy hairpieces apart from the rest. Although the brand is a bit more costly and requires more TLC than other hairpieces, these are considered to be the best hair toppers in the world. They last longer and provide a natural look that is hard to achieve using any other brand.

Get The Right Base

Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we offer clip-in hair extensions from Remy’s 100% human hairpieces. These are useful for those who still have some hair at the root and are looking for extra volume and coverage. They are simple to apply and can give you a natural new look in minutes.



Natural Hair Color

Make sure to find the hair color that best matches your own. Some websites offer a limited number of colors and styles. Although they may be cheaper, they are probably not offering the best light volume and full volume hair toppers. Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we offer free consultations to ensure you receive the best hair topper for your unique needs. Shop with us today!