May 13, 2022

Close up of shiny brown hair

Halo wig extensions are a fabulous and simple way to attain longer, fuller, and smoother hair. Especially if you are newer to wigs or extensions, a halo clip-in wig is easy enough to apply in minutes. It gives you the natural look you need while making you feel more gorgeous than ever before.

Keep reading to find out what a halo wig is and how to apply one.

What Is a Human Hair Halo Wig?

A halo hair topper is a comfortable wig with an empty area on the top. This provides a realistic look and creates an invisible extension.

Halo wig extensions are attached to your head by an invisible wire and are arranged in a halo shape. Not only does it add length, volume, and style to your hair, but it is safe and doesn’t cause any damage to your natural hair.

How to Apply a Halo Wig

The first thing you should do before buying halo wig extensions is to make sure they fit your head. Once you pick out the perfect halo extensions, you are ready to apply and wear them beautifully.

Follow these steps to apply a halo topper wig the right way.

1. Part the top of your hair

Brush your hair to remove any tangles, divide your hair into half, and tie it into a bun at your head’s top. Make sure the bun is one to two inches from your hairline and doesn’t sit too low. Leave out a few pieces in the front to frame your face for a more natural look.

2. Apply your halo wig extension

Next, grab your extension and hold it at both ends where the wire and extension meet. Make sure your halo topper hair falls exactly where you parted your hair. After placing your halo clip in, it should feel tight and secure.

3. Create a blend

Take down the bun and brush your hair to blend your halo extensions in with your natural hair. Make sure your real hair covers the entire halo wig, and be extra careful when you are brushing over the halo wire.

4. Style your halo wig

Now you can style your halo wig extensions however you please. You can curl, cut, or put your extensions in a ponytail.

Do Halo Wig Extensions Stay in Place?

Halo hair toppers stay in place all day, and even better, they are comfy. A proper-fitting halo wig will sit on your head all day like a crown without moving or slipping at all. The wire on a human hair halo wig is strong enough to hold up, and your natural hair helps keep it in place.

The Lauren Ashytn Collection

If you are searching for luxury length and voluminous hair extensions, the Lauren Ashtyn Collection has got you covered.

Our high-quality halo wig extensions are made with 100% European Remy Hair and have a 5” to 6” base that clips around your entire crown providing full coverage and maximum volume and fullness.

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