May 23, 2022

Close up of lace front wig with a wig cap

How do you keep a wig from slipping? 

Whether you are new to wigs or an experienced wig wearer, it is crucial to know how to keep a wig on so it stays in place. 

Grasping how to keep a wig secure helps you avoid embarrassment, but it can seem incredibly complicated.

We are here to ease your worries and guide you on the various techniques you can utilize to keep all different types of wigs on your head. 

In this blog, we will cover the best ways to hold a wig in place so you feel comfortable and assured whenever you put your wig on. 

1. Wear a Wig Cap 

If your capless wig keeps sliding back, try investing in a wig cap

Not only is a wig cap a fabulous way to keep your wig from slipping, but it also protects your scalp and natural hair from breakage. 

Whether you have long or short hair, a wig cap will keep your wig in place. 

Follow these steps to secure your wig with a wig cap:

  1. Clean your skin before applying the wig cap.
  2. Apply the wig cap from front to back.
  3. Put on your wig.

2. Wig Grip Band 

A wig grip band is one of the best ways to hold a wig in place because it was designed to make wearing a wig more secure and comfortable. 

Similar to a headband, it distributes the weight of a wig, which prevents headaches and removes pressure. 

Here’s how you apply a wig grip band: 

  1. Align your wig grip with your natural hairline and place it on your head. 
  2. Tuck it behind your ears, and secure it to the nape of your neck with the Velcro tabs.
  3. Place your wig over the wig grip from front to back and adjust accordingly. 

3. Silicone Sheets 

If your lace front keeps sliding back, silicone sheets are a great solution. 

You can sew silicone sheets into your wig to keep the wig secure. You can cut the sheets to your desired shape and size, and they will last just as long as your wig. 

Follow these instructions to secure your silicone sheets:

  1. Cut the silicone sheets into one piece for the nape of your neck, one for near your hairline, and two pieces for behind your ears. 
  2. Sew the sheets into your wig.

4. Wig Clips

Although a high-quality wig shouldn't require additional wig attachments, when you need extra security, wig clips are an excellent option. Sew them into your wig to keep your wig from sliding back. 

Here are the steps you should take when using wig clips: 

  1. Choose wig clips that match the color of your wig. 
  2. Decide where you want your wig clips in your wig lining. 
  3. Secure and sew your wig clips to your wig. 

5. Wig Tape 

If you are unsure about how to keep your wig from slipping, wig tape is a perfect choice. 

Wig tape is double-sided and designed to keep a wig on. It is an effortless and effective way to keep your wig secure all day long. 

Here is how you should apply your wig tape:

  1. Clean the skin areas where you’re going to place the tape to remove excess oils, dirt, or makeup. 
  2. Apply the strips along your hairline, but avoid placing them on your natural hair. 
  3. Remove the other side of the tape, and place your wig on your head.
  4. Press your wig down to secure it in place. 

6. Wig Glue 

Wig clue is one of the best ways to hold a wig in place. It is perfect for people with hair loss or baldness who want to keep their wig secure for a long period of time. 

Follow these steps to apply wig glue: 

  1. Before applying wig adhesive, make sure your skin is clean and free from any dirt or oils. 
  2. Apply the adhesive along your hairline with a makeup brush. 
  3. Make sure the glue fully dries. 

7. Bobby Pins 

This simple and effective technique is a fantastic method for those with natural hair. If you are searching for easy and affordable ways to keep a wig secure, bobby pins are the solution for you. 

Here is how to keep a wig on using bobby pins: 

  1. Choose bobby pins that are the same color as your wig. 
  2. Place the bobby pins through your wig and into your natural hair. 
  3. Place enough so your wig is comfortable and secure. 

8. Buy High-Quality Wigs

Although these are all clever ways to secure your wig, most high-quality wigs don’t need additional security because they are already constructed to sit tightly on your head. 

When you purchase from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you don’t need to worry about how to keep your wig from sliding back. Our wigs are made with 100% European Remy human hair and include stretchy bands with clasps and two clips on each side for added security. 

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