Jun 17, 2020

What Does Yours Say About You?

Apparently, the type of hairstyle we rock says some interesting things about our character and personality traits. For instance, if you have thick hair you have a lot of energy and a very strong willpower. Thin hair means a more delicate person who likes to conserve her energy. Add waves to your thick, healthy hair and you are a deeply emotional, innovative and creative type. If your hair is curly, you are said to have a "fire personality", and to be fun-loving, warm-hearted and generous. If you wear a high maintenance hairstyle, you are self-critical and a drama queen. An unconventional haircut means you're more fun than most. Layered haircuts say you are a perfectionist. Do you agree?

Say What You Feel

What if you have curly hair but you want straight locks? The experts say if you constantly straighten your curls, your life is too chaotic and you need to calm down a bit. If you have straight hair but curl it all the time, you're craving more fun in your life. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a line of real hair extensions that clip-in securely to your own hair in seconds, and they are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. This means you can change your look with these real hair extensions as often as you like, so say exactly what you feel!

Real Hair Extensions

This is a high quality product, handcrafted in a 45-day process using 100% real European Remy human hair, the highest grade on the market. Real hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection can last up to 3 years with proper care, making them an excellent investment, as well. There are dozens of tutorials on their website to help you with every aspect of your real hair extensions, and representatives are available by phone or video consultations. Since they are fully customizable, you can do all sorts of cool things with them, including curling or straightening them. If you put them into your own hair first and then style them right along with your real hair, they blend in perfectly and look natural. You only have to gently wash them every 15 to 20 wears, and towel dry, do not blow dry them. If using a heat styling tool, remember to use a heat treatment and moisturizing spray first, and use only at 185 degrees or less.



In addition, there is financial aid for those who qualify, and even a free hair consultation if you would like some assistance in choosing your real hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, or perhaps you just want some expert advice. They are available in a variety of different multidimensional colors, and several different types. Achieve the look you want, depending on the way you happen to be feeling that day, and change it up whenever you like. So express yourself with your hair, and don't hold back - say what you feel! Be the best version of yourself possible, with real hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.