Mar 23, 2021


When selecting a wig, you want to make sure to choose the best-quality, most natural-looking wig you can afford. We realize that committing to a quality hairpiece can be an overwhelming process. Higher-quality materials and expert craftsmanship can be costly. Can you really tell the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic hairpiece?

Absolutely! The best European human hair wigs look natural and last for years, and we think they’re worth the investment.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers some of the most realistic lace front wigs available. Each one has a monofilament part on top to help you achieve the most natural look. Plus, we craft each wig from 100% European Remy hair. Women who choose human hair wigs consistently fall in love with the versatility and authenticity of these luxury hairpieces.

Continue reading to learn why the fine details matter when choosing the most attractive wig at every price point.

What Is a Lace Front Wig?

In a lace front hairpiece, we individually tie each hair in the front of the wig to a sheer base material. That process helps create the appearance of a natural hairline. You will be able to trim the lace portion of the wig to suit your face. This level of customization is only available with a lace front construction.

Plus, lace front wigs involve meticulous craftsmanship, which leads to quality. We tie every single strand individually to achieve a thick, full, and natural effect. The 4x4” multidirectional skin top allows for natural movement and unlimited styling options. It also means you can part the wig in any direction, just like your own hair.

What is So Unique About Human Hair European Wigs?

We construct each of our wigs using 100% European Remy human hair. This is the highest quality human hair available anywhere in the world.

“European” refers to the origin of the hair. “Remy” means all the hair naturally runs in the same direction, from the cuticle down.

European Remy hair is the softest, shiniest, and strongest grade of hair. It is the most in-demand type of human hair because it is naturally very fine and light. That allows for added depth and movement. It also allows us to offer human hair wigs in lighter shades, such as blonde and light brown, without excessive processing.

A wonderful perk of choosing a human hair wig is that you can dye it or add highlights if you wish. Many women visit a licensed Lauren Ashtyn stylist to achieve a look they love. It is safe to use many products on your human hair wig, too. You can style your wig in nearly every way you’d style your natural hair.

How Do The Best Natural Looking Wigs Attach to Your Head?

Each wig in the Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a stretchy band with clasps. This ensures you can fit your new wig to your exact head size. Furthermore, we add two clips on each side, near your ears. Most women love the extra support and security the clips provide.

Women with no hair at all can still wear our wigs without compromise! They pair perfectly with silicone wig grippers. You won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding as you go about your day.

Feel Your Best With European Human Hair Wigs

When you feel confident about the materials and construction of your wig, you feel confident in yourself! Our 100% European Remy human hair wigs are versatile, long-lasting, and look natural. You will be glad you decided to invest in yourself!

If you need some help to choose the perfect wig, we’d love to help. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options with a Lauren Ashtyn representative. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you look and feel your best.

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