Feb 18, 2019

Spring is definitely the season for formal hairstyles. For younger girls, there is prom. For (slightly) older women, there is wedding season. With the coming of spring, it is time to start thinking about what formal hairstyle will work best for you on those special occasions. In our opinion, the “updo” is the ultimate formal hairstyle. It is elegant, classy, and always sure to turn heads. This article will highlight some of the most popular updos for the coming spring. We expect to see these hairstyles pop up at all kinds of formal events within the next few months.

The “Ballerina Bun”

If you have ever seen the ballet, or movies about ballet, you know exactly what this hairstyle looks like. It evokes all the elegance of the ballet, and has become a very popular style choice for women with short hair. Unleash your inner ballerina with this gorgeous updo.

The Swirl Bun

This hairstyle is a timeless classic, and also very popular for women with short hair. You can expect to see it this spring at:
  • Proms
  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Many other formal events

The Braided Updo

Braids are always a popular look, and when braids are combined with an elegant updo, we call it a match made in hairstyle heaven. No wonder that this is expected to be one of the defining looks of the spring formal season. Add in some length hair extensions to really make your braid voluminous and beautiful.

The Crown Braid

To us, the crown braid has a very natural, spring-like appearance—especially when combined with flowers. This is an especially popular choice for outdoor spring weddings, for obvious reasons. If you want to go for that natural look, then this is the updo for you. Use Moroccan oil finishing spray to achieve a moveable-yet-firm hold. Moroccan Oil Finishing Spray

The “Windblown” Updo

This wavy look is another huge hairstyle trend that can be seen all over. It can especially be seen on the red carpet at award shows, as this is a popular formal look for many celebrities. If you want to look like a celebrity at your next formal event, ask your stylist for this sophisticated hairdo.

The Topknot or Top Ponytail

These elegant updos sit on top of your head, and to us, evoke royalty. When you get one of these hairstyles for your next formal event, you will certainly come in looking like a princess. As an added bonus, they keep hair out of your eyes and are very easy to maintain throughout the day/evening.

The “Extended” Updo

Unfortunately, many women find that their hair is not long enough or thick enough to be styled in the updo that they are looking for. If this describes your situation, don’t worry: there is hope! You can purchase real hair extensions, which will add the needed length and volume to your hair. Since hair extensions can be fully customized with regard to color, cut, and style, you will be able to have your hair extensions styled in whatever updo you please. This means that you will surely wow the crowd at your next formal event.