Mar 12, 2020

Hair Topper Benefits

A hair topper is a hairpiece that sits on top of the head to add volume to the roots. This is a natural option for those who are experiencing hair thinning, graying, and want to add some bump to the top of their heads, along with maybe some extra length. The benefits are endless, but what is the true value of a luxury hair topper? Read on to learn more.


Men and women experiencing baldness or thinning at the top of the head know the uncontrollable feeling of shame. It is unnecessary, but we feel it just the same. Hairstyles are a huge part of fashion these days, and there’s no denying we all want to fit in. This is what a luxury hair topper can do for you:

  • A natural lift to the top of the head, and a lift in self-esteem
  • A totally natural appearance you are proud to wear
  • More time in the day to worry about the things that matter

Any self-doubt or other problems you experience because of your hair can be a thing of the past! Choose a customizable luxury hair topper from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection to see how easy it is to make a fresh start.


A luxury hair topper can also be called a “wiglet”. It is not a full hairpiece, so it allows for a natural transition to your real beautiful hair. This type of hairpiece is also comfortable. It is easy to apply but creates a seamless appearance a lot of customers can’t do without. We sell clip-in hair extensions to allow for the easiest application and longest-lasting results.

People find it easy to style these hairpieces, even ones made from human hair. Some even dye their hairpieces, but The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers completely customizable pieces that can simplify the process that much more! It has never been easier to achieve the look of your dreams.


A full hairpiece, or wig, is going to be a bit more expensive than a luxury hair topper. This is great for people who still have most of their hair. Finding an inexpensive way to supplement the hair you have will make a huge difference in your confidence. This is an investment that has very little risk, especially when after having a consultation as we offer here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. We can fit you with the perfect hairpiece the first time.

Remy Hair Toppers

We exclusively sell Remy luxury hair toppers at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. This is because they consistently deliver a top-notch product. Remy is known to offer the best hair toppers in the world thanks to their unique way of handling their product in transit. Going with a luxury hair topper like this will ensure your investment is protected. These 100% real human hair pieces are sure to last a long time and provide a natural, healthy appearance the entire time.

Schedule a consultation to see how easy it is to get the perfect luxury hair topper for you!