May 19, 2018

In the quest for both parental and professional perfection women seek they often race against the clock to squeeze everything in – workouts, breakfast for three kids and a husband, car pool drop offs, breakfast meetings, and the list goes on and on for the professional as well as the ‘at home’ woman. In this daily grind and rush to be perfect for your entire day in less than often a 60-minute window, the question most often arises, what can I do better or faster or more efficiently, such as laying out outfits the night before, showering, etc. – but then that can lead to loss of sleep or loss of leisure time which doesn’t work well for a morning routine either. So, perhaps the question women should be asking in the morning flurried dash of activity, ‘what can I not do?’ to save me time and still look amazing, be on time and have a few moments of ‘me’ time before the day begins. In article after article ‘powerful’ women seem to be saying the same thing and that is…” it is more about spirit than it is being perfectly polished”, that being said there are a few routines that should not be skipped to help you power through your day effortlessly with a spirit of calm and amazing put together looks and here are just a couple ways to help you have more ‘me’ time but simplifying our hair and makeup routine which takes the most amount of time for most women.

Hair and Customizable Hair Extensions

Let’s not forget that hair is an essential part of any woman’s outfit for the day or night. There are tools that can help your styling routine be just a little bit faster and perhaps some you haven’t even thought about such as customizable hair extensions. What woman hasn’t wanted to add a little length to their locks every now and then and now it is easier than ever with customizable hair extensions, but, ‘real’ customizable hair extensions. How you wear them is up to you, but it all comes down to the look you want to go for and how long you want to commit to that style. Spending a little time and money on a customizable hair extension can add a boost of glamour to your daily routine and give you a signature look that everyone will notice, it helps with giving yourself a style change without the commitment and just gives your hair a breather whatever the reason having an extension saves time with your daily grind, so to speak. They can be switched up effortlessly and they are more than versatile and extensions have also been known to aid in actual hair growth, while it may take a bit of time to decide just exactly how and what you want in your customized hair extension, once you do it is an enormous time saver and one that makes you look good, and helps keep your own hair healthy and well-nourished in the process, so a win-win all the way around for an real hair extension. customizable hair extenison

Got Makeup?

Nearly all women would agree that they appreciate what makeup can do for them, but we are back to that morning time routine is limited and there are a lot of other things to get done besides spending all your time and effort on makeup. Some sure-fire tips to cut down on your makeup routine with less time, product, and effort. First up is cut down your stash, this may be difficult indeed, but necessary. You’ve no doubt tried a lot of product over the years and now have a small landfill in your purse or you know ‘that’ drawer in the bathroom where all the unused make up goes…. grab a trash bag, be strong and get rid of everything you don’t use. Keep two makeup bags. One for everyday where it its pared down to the basics and bag number two where you include some of the more fun and fancy stuff. Multipurpose. Cream blush as lip gloss? You bet. Mascara can double as eyeliner and bronzer can be used as eye shadow. Buy with quality in mind, not quantity and have a quick and fast routine.