Feb 21, 2018

This year, it’s all about rocking your hair’s natural texture, and we can’t wait to see it! If you’re thinking about even further enhancing your hair, we recommend a luxury hair clip-in. No glue, they don’t have to be sewn in, and super easy to use. You’re on your way to beautiful, rockin’ hair! Read on to learn more about the top hairstyles fashion experts are predicting will be all the rage this spring. Bangs This is an easy way to change your hair if you’re not looking for something too drastic. Bangs look great in updos, or keep them down for a sleek, sophisticated look (as showcased by celeb Kerry Washington). The perfect and classic way to enhance your hairstyle! Braids length extensions French, ponytail, messy, all forms of braids will be popular this season. Braids are perfect for when you’re looking for something quick and easy (especially when the weather starts getting warmer), but still classy! Natural Curls As we said earlier, Spring 2018 is all about embracing hair’s natural texture. Natural curls are in! Feel free to style and sleek with products , such as argan oil serum, but don’t try to hide ladies, your hair is fun and beautiful! Pixies and Bobs Okay, so this one is a little more drastic. Don’t feel like spending too much time getting ready in the mornings? A pixie or bob might be for you. Pinterest is great for inspiration, and also look to celebs like Lucy Hale or Ruby Rose, who can sure rock these looks! Specially, look out for bobs with geometric ends. Soft Layers This season is also all about relaxed looks, which can be done with the help of simply adding some layers to your hair. Remember those braids we talked about? Adding layers makes it easy to achieve the “messy but romantic” look, while adding some shape and character to your hair! Beach-y Waves This one is a spring/summer staple. Beach waves are the perfect hairstyle to rock in the sun. To give the hair a little bit of movement, blow dry it, then take a 1.5 inch curling iron, curling random sections towards and away from the face. And don’t forget to finish with product! Voluminous Waves Want to give your natural hair texture an extra bit of volume? Try using volumize powder while your hair is damp and tousle through! Accessorizing Your Hair Now, for the fun part. Hair accessories can class up any hairstyle/look, so feel free to play with this one! Barrettes, pins, even headbands can turn any hairstyle into something sleek and sophisticated. Long Locks In order to achieve this look, you’ll probably need clip-in hair extensions. Celebs like Kim K are rocking this “Cher” look, and you can too! Don’t forget to check out the Lauren Ashtyn collection for long, luscious hair. With all sorts of hairstyles coming back in 2018, it won’t be hard to find one that fits you! With these tips, you’re on your way to rocking beautiful, sexy hair this spring.