Mar 20, 2017

Vacation season is the best time of the year. A week off of work to enjoy beautiful weather and explore new scenery is unmatched. This is also a great opportunity to escape the cocoon of winter fashion and introduce new trends to your closet. The perfect time to wear new clothes is vacation. Spring is the beginning of vacation season and there are many fashion trends to choose from. The amount of colors and patterns at stores can be overwhelming. Do not waste time sifting through endless racks of fast fashion. Here are the top fashion trends to look for when shopping for your spring vacation.

Bold Stripes

Bold, colorful and askew stripes are perfect for this spring vacation season. Stripes are no longer favored in their standard horizontal or vertical fashions. The brighter the better and the more imperfect the stripes are, the more exciting the print. Go for pieces with edgy stripes in all colors. This trend adds structure and style to any outfit. Stripes are perfect on all pieces. Pair stripes with bold shoes and statement jewelry for the ultimate chic factor.

Casual, Not Business

The classic button up has gotten a modern twist this spring. Button-ups are trending but not the button-ups worn to 2pm business meetings. The working-woman staple is now a fashionista’s dream. The updated button up explores cuts, lengths, materials and patterns. Oversized button-up blouses can be worn as shirt dresses. Let your shoulders breathe with the off-the-shoulder button up trend. Leave the top buttons undone and allow some luxury hair piece clip-ins to dance across your shoulders this spring. luxury hair piece

Groovy Prints

Scout for vintage vibes when shopping for spring 2017. Fashion is a never ending cycle of trends. The top looks from each decade recycle and are modernized every runway season. Spring 2017 is no different. Groovy prints such as tie-dye are back and better this season. Tie-dye prints have been upgraded to ultra stylish prints in all colors. Pairing tie-dye with other prints and patterns is a great way to incorporate this trend in your spring vacation style.
Undergarments On Top
Bras and other undergarments such as corsets and tights are getting spotlight attention this spring. Bralettes worn instead of shirts are a top spring trend. Bras and and bralettes are a great way to add a touch of femininity to any outfit. Pair with a flowy skirt or a sporty bomber jacket for a fun and flirty look. Corsets and fishnet tights are also major spring trends. Wear a corset over a maxi dress as a belt or wear a bold color fishnet tight under a solid color miniskirt. The possibilities are endless.
Statement Jewelry
Stand out jewelry is the necessary addition to any outfit this spring. Whether casual or glamorous, as far as jewelry goes, bigger is better. Explore chunky heavy necklaces and doorknocker earrings this spring. Include statement jewelry with simple looks for a surprise pop of fashion or create a wave with a loud look and louder bling. Introduce new colors and materials to your jewelry this spring. Exploring new pieces such as body chains and heavy chokers this season will put you in the limelight.