Aug 23, 2023

How to curl human hair wig

If you’re looking for a fun new style for your hair, curling your human hair wig is a great way to add a little sparkle to your look. Curling human hair wigs is a great way to try out a new style without damaging your hair or spending money on a new wig or extensions.

If you’re wondering how to curl a human hair wig, we’ll walk through different ways you can do it and how to protect your hair from heat damage at the same time.

How to Curl a Human Hair Wig: Prep Your Hair

Before you jump into curling your wig, there’s a little bit of prep you need to do to protect your hair and make sure that the style comes out right.

First, if you’re going to be using heat tools, make sure your wig is dry. Using a curling iron or heated rod on damp hair can cause damage. If you’re using a non-heat tool like rollers, your hair can be a bit damp.

Make sure your hair is brushed out and free of tangles. This will help ensure a smoother curl and avoid any breakage when you go in with your curling tool.

Next, if you’re using a curling iron or other heated tool, go in with a heat protectant before getting started. This will help preserve the health of your hair and hopefully avoid any breakage or burning.

Once your hair is dry, spritzed with heat protectant, and brushed out, you’re ready to go!

Curling Human Hair Wigs with Curling Irons

Whether you’re new to wearing wigs or have years of experience, you probably have a curling iron in your bathroom somewhere. Curling irons are a relatively cheap and easy way to style your hair. And once you curl your wig, you can style those curls for a few days before you’ll need to wash or restyle your hair.

To get started, set your curling iron to a low heat and let it warm up slowly to avoid burning your hair. Separate a small section of your hair, wrap it around the barrel of your curling iron and hold it for up to 10 seconds. Repeat with the rest of your hair.

Once you’ve completed your whole head of hair, brush your curls gently to help them fall. You can also apply a small amount of oil serum to your fingers and run it through your curls to add extra shine.

Curling a Human Hair with Rollers

If you’re trying to avoid hot tools on your hair, curling a human hair wig with foam rollers is a great alternative. You still get perfectly defined curls without any heat or potential damage to your hair. Rollers do take a bit more time than a curling iron, but if you have time to spare or can curl your hair overnight, it can be a great option.

So how to curl a human hair wig with foam rollers? First, start with slightly damp hair. If your wig is already dry, you can use a spray bottle with some water to get it wet slightly.

Next, choose your rods. If you choose a larger curling roller, your curl will be bigger and bouncier, while smaller rollers will give you more tightly wound curls. Separate a small section of your hair and wrap it around the roller.

Then, roll the roller up to the crown of your head, collecting the full length of hair as you go. Secure the roller at the top of your head either with a pin or by folding the ends of the roller (depending on which kind you use). If you want, you can apply a small amount of setting product to help the curl hold.

Repeat this process all over your human hair wig until it’s all in rollers. The longer and thicker your hair is, the longer the rollers will take to dry. So if you’re able to leave them overnight, you’ll get the best hold on your curls. You can also speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer on the cool setting.

Once all your hair is dry, remove all the rollers one by one. Once all the rollers are removed, use some oil on your fingertips to detangle and style your curls.

Curling Human Hair Wigs: Heatless Curlers

If you spend any time on the beauty side of the internet, you’ve probably seen all about heatless curlers or donut bun wraps. These styles are meant to be worn overnight while you sleep and produce beautiful, bouncy waves with no heat at all. They both are better suited to longer wigs that you can easily style in braids or a ponytail.

To use a heatless curler, secure the rod to the top of your head with a claw clip (or simply lay it flat against your head). Then, following the instructions, split each side of your hair and wrap it around the rod as though you were french braiding or french twisting the hair.

To do a donut wrap, pull your wig into a high ponytail and then pull that ponytail through the donut, so that it sits right where your elastic is. Don’t tie your elastic too tight, or you’ll be able to see the kink in your hair when you take the donut out.

Then start wrapping your hair all around the donut until all your hair is wrapped. For tighter curls, wrap your hair more tightly.

For both heatless curls and the donut wrap, leave the style for a few hours until all the hair is dry and then remove the curling tool. Untangle and style your curls, and you’ll be good to go!

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