Apr 01, 2022

Stylish Woman’s Wigs for the Spring

Spring calls for fresh new looks and summer attire! It’s time to upgrade your look by trying out a new hairstyle, color, or cut. Not everyone can keep up with trendy new looks, but stylish woman’s wigs make it easy! Choosing a human hair wig, switching from hair toppers to wigs, or finding new hair extensions can be a difficult process. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is here to make your decisions easier by offering the best stylish woman’s wigs to help you achieve your favorite looks for spring.

Here are trendy and popular hairstyles for you to try out this spring:


There’s something about natural waves that we all love. Whether you have short or long hair, human hair wigs can help you achieve full volume and length so you can look and feel your best this spring. For a stylish woman’s wig, add subtle waves or dramatic curls. Or simply brush your hair after curling to achieve a natural, messy look.


Bangs are back, and they’re back big time! Bangs add a fresh new look to any style and can transform the way you feel. You can go for straight, wavy, or curly bangs ranging from short to long. Hair extensions offer clip-in bangs so you can try out bangs without having to commit to a haircut.

Beautiful model with a short, blonde wig


Layering has become an increasingly popular trend as it adds more volume and shape to your hair. The body that layers add to a stylish woman’s wig is unmatched. Whether you go for short or long layers, they will make you look and feel fabulous. If you want to cut and style layers in your wig, make sure it is a 100% human hair wig.

Contrasting Roots

Bold colors have been a popular wig wearer trend for years. Since wigs give you the ability to try new hairstyles and colors without compromising your natural hair, why not try something unique and fun? A stylish woman’s wig trend for the spring is contrasted roots, meaning a natural hair color with blonde, brown, or black roots. You can achieve this look with luxury 100% European Remy human hair extensions.


Whether you are headed to a casual lunch or a special event, braids are a classic hairstyle to upgrade any look. No matter your hair type or length, there is a braid style for you. To rock a stylish woman’s wig, add one braid, two braids, or even a French braid to enhance your appearance.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

All of these stylish woman’s wig styles can be attained with our 100% European Remy human hair wigs and hair extensions. Our high-quality hairpieces are fully customizable and come in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles. Let us help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today!