Summer Blonde Refresh: 5 Lowlight Options to Try This Summer

Jun 25, 2024

Blonde Refresh: 5 Lowlight Options to Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your look and experiment with your hair color. If you're a blonde looking to add some depth and dimension to your hair, lowlights are an excellent way to go. Unlike highlights that lighten your hair, lowlights add darker shades, giving your blonde hair a richer, more textured appearance. The best part? Lowlights transform your look without bleach so there’s no need to worry about hair damage! 
Here are five fabulous lowlight options to consider for updating your blonde hair color this summer.

Caramel Lowlights

Caramel lowlights are a popular choice for blondes seeking a warm, sun-kissed look. The rich, golden-brown tones blend seamlessly with blonde hair, creating a natural, beachy vibe. Caramel lowlights work particularly well for those with honey or golden blonde hair, adding a touch of warmth and making your hair look fuller and more vibrant.

Ash Brown Lowlights

For a cooler, more sophisticated look, ash brown lowlights are an excellent option. These cool, muted brown tones add depth without overwhelming your blonde hair. Ash brown lowlights are ideal for platinum or ash blonde hair, as they complement the cooler undertones and create a chic, modern contrast. This option is perfect if you're looking to tone down the warmth in your blonde hair for a more subtle and refined appearance.

Chocolate Lowlights

If you want to make a bolder statement, chocolate lowlights are the way to go. The rich, deep brown shades provide a striking contrast to blonde hair, giving it a dramatic, multi-dimensional look. Chocolate lowlights are versatile and can suit both warm and cool blonde tones. They’re perfect for adding a bit of mystery and allure to your summer style.

Copper Lowlights

Copper lowlights are perfect for adding a fiery, dynamic touch to your blonde hair. These reddish-brown tones are vibrant and eye-catching, making them an excellent choice for summer. Copper lowlights work particularly well with strawberry blonde or light golden blonde hair, enhancing the natural warmth and adding a playful, adventurous feel. They’re great for those looking to stand out and make a bold statement.

Colored Lowlights

This one is for the trendsetters! Bold colors can be a way to express yourself and add some excitement to your look this summer. You can create a totally unique look that will have all eyes on you! We recommend talking with your stylist to pick the perfect color for you!

Tips for Maintaining Lowlights

Once you've chosen your perfect lowlights, it's essential to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. Here are some maintenance tips to help you out:

Use Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Opt for products designed for color-treated hair to prevent fading and keep your lowlights looking rich and glossy.

Limit Heat Styling

Excessive heat can cause color to fade faster. Try to air-dry your hair whenever possible, and always use a heat protectant when you do style with heat.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

UV rays can also fade your color. Wear a hat when you're out in the sun, and consider using hair products with UV protection.

Schedule Regular Touch-Ups

Depending on how fast your hair grows and the contrast of your lowlights, you may need touch-ups every 6-8 weeks to keep your color looking its best.
Updating your blonde hair with lowlights is a fantastic way to add depth and dimension, making your hair look more dynamic and lively. Whether you opt for caramel, ash brown, chocolate, copper, or colored lowlights, you're sure to find a look that suits your style and enhances your summer glow. Happy coloring!