Trendy Summer Styles

These gorgeous trend setting shoes are available in SO MANY colors! Ive been wanting them for months now and they have been sold out....UNTIL NOW! Better grab them while you can!


This Louis Vuitton Dupe is GORGEOUS! I have the black Louis Vuitton in this style and love it for winter but this one is gorgeous for spring and summer!


The black color is perfect to match with any outfit!


This top is total summer vibes! Obsessed with the sleeves and the material of this beautiful summer top!


This summer pink dress will be a show stunner at any event this summer!


90's athletic shoes are SO in! With this chunky heel you'll be a trend setter no matter where you go!


No matter where you go this summer a tan is a MUST HAVE! Ive been using this spray for years! You can use it over or under your makeup and it gives the perfect summer glow on your face and neck!!! This formula is the only one that doesn't break my face out!! Its a 100% must have for summer!


I just ordered this lace matching set and I'm already obsessed with it! I now have to go back to the beach so I can take photos with this outfit on! I love it!


Who doesn't need a summer black dress! This is something I know I will wear for years to come! Plus it looks super comfy!


I love my large bag but sometimes I need something smaller that I can throw on while I'm going out and don't need a huge bag! This is a perfect small bag for summer!


What a gorgeous black bag! This is a Chanel dupe and I love it!! This bag is perfect when I go to an event and need something a little dressier!



This is my favorite fake tan! Control the depth of your tan with the most advanced and multi award-winning 3-in-1 Express tanning mousse. For a natural-looking, streak-free and long-lasting tan that's tried and tested. Apply with a Mitt and wait just 1 hour before showering for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium golden bronze, or leave on for up to 3 hours for a deep, dark tan to suit your skin tone. Best for natural results, fast and quick fixes. (I always sleep in mine)


This cute summer dress will not go unnoticed!

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