Feb 24, 2023

Ten Topper Tips for your Lauren Ashtyn Volume Extension

Look and feel your best while wearing your Lauren Ashtyn Collection 100% European Remy human hair topper by using these helpful tips! How to made easy by our amazing Marketing Director, Lindsey. She goes over all of the do's and don'ts of looking fabulous in your new hair! Easy tips and tutorials for making your topper look as natural as possible and making it easy to style on your own.

The Ten Tips Discussed In The Video:

Tip One: Use texture spray.
Tip Two: Have your stylist cut the piece to blend with your haircut.
Tip Three: Match the part to your part.
Tip Four: Your stylist can color or tone the piece to match your color.
Tip Five: Curl the topper hair your hair together.
Tip Six: Backcomb (tease) your hair and the topper hair together.
Tip Seven: Use root touch up spray to cover your scalp.
Tip Eight: Have your stylist thin out the top.
Tip Nine: Decide where you're most comfortable placing the topper.
Tip Ten: Be patient and gentle with yourself!
See this page for more helpful tutorial videos!