Jul 31, 2017

As summer slowly but surely fades away, autumn will dawn on the world and new vibes will be ushered in. The weather cools down, the evenings are longer and nature begins to change. As the leaves fall and transform into bright yellows, rich oranges and deep browns, so should your hair. Autumn is a great season to allow nature to inspire beauty and fashion. Outside will look like a piece of art worthy of the finest museums. The warm colors add vibrant tones to a chilly season. Unpack your chunky sweaters and Ugg boots and head to the hair salon for a brand new hair color.

Orange Tones

Add some spice to your hair with a fresh orange dye job. Peachy oranges, true bold oranges and deep burnt oranges are all perfect for the season. Orange pairs well with many other fall colors and the various tones make it easy for anyone to find the perfect orange shade for their skin tone. A great way to style orange locks is a blunt cut. Orange is a powerful color and a blunt haircut makes a statement. The two paired together are ultimate beauty goals. Add a full volume extension for coverage and body on top of the head in an orange hue, and let it work into your own hair, which can be highlighted with orange overtones, or darker siennas and cinnamons.

Blush Vibes

Pastel pinks are a huge trend this fall for hair. Soft pink has been trending for seasons in fashion, home, and technology. It was only a matter of time before what is now known as millennial pink made its way into dye bottles. Pink may seem like a bold color; however, the soft subtle tone is romantic and can be worn by anyone. An easy way to pull off a pink dye job is with long bouncy curls. The romantic hue paired with flirty curls are a winning combination. If you are not bold enough to for a full head of pink locks, incorporate the color by using an ombre or balayage technique.

Bleach Blonde

The blonder the better is a motto for fall hair trends. The statement of bleach blond hair coincides perfectly with the soft and warm tones of summer fashion trends. Platinum blonde shades look great on a variety of skin tones and can be worn by anyone. A top choice of style for the bold blonde is a daring bold cut. Platinum blonde cuts have a vintage vibe that is on trend for fall fashion. If you are nervous about bleaching your hair, blonde also looks great for longer styles, achievable with extensions. Invest in a platinum blonde luxury hair clip-in and try an ombre effect. Have your colorist dye the clip-ins to blend with your natural hair color and gradually fade to platinum blonde. 5-6 Root Coverage Mini
Fiery Reds
All shades of red are winning for fall 2017 hair colors. Options range from bright red to burgundy to auburn and back to bright red hues. Red is always a great color for the fall. From red lipstick to red pumps, it is the perfect shade to add some heat to cold September nights. Add some red this fall and prepare to have a new favorite hair color. Red hair works great with any style. Work together with your colorist to find the perfect red tone for you and be bold with your new hair color.