Hair symbolism through history

Apr 17, 2020

Hair is more than just a physical characteristic; it’s a powerful symbol interwoven with cultural, social, and personal significance. Across various cultures and eras, hair has held profound symbolism, representing everything from status to beliefs and personal experiences.

Let’s dive into the rich history of hair symbolism and learn more about the layers of meaning behind our locks.

Does Hair Have Symbolism?

You may be surprised at some of the symbolism our hair is representative ofsymbols in hair around the world. From ancient civilizations to contemporary society, hair has always been a powerful symbol. In many cultures, it’s a mark of status, spirituality, and personal identity.

In ancient Egypt, for example, hair was associated with power and status. Pharaohs often wore elaborate wigs to signify their divine authority and social rank. Similarly, in some African cultures, intricate hairstyles and braids have been used to denote tribal affiliation, marital status, or even age. These styles aren’t merely fashion statements; these symbols in hair have deep culture meanings and traditions.

In Hinduism, hair is symbolic in various rituals and stages of life. For example the Mundan ceremony, where a baby’s hair is shaved off for the first time, is believed to cleanse the child of any past-life negativity and mark a new beginning. The act of shaving your head is also symbolic in Buddhism, symbolizing the renunciation of world attachments and the pursuit of enlightenment.

Hair Symbolism on a Personal Level

Outside of cultural significance across the world, our hair reflects our own identity and individuality on a personal level too. The choice to grow, cut, dye, or style our hair a certain way can be a powerful form of self-expression. It can signal transformations, emotional changes, or even rebellion against social norms.

If you’ve ever gotten bangs after a breakup, you know the emotional release that can come with changing up your hair style. Cutting hair or styling it a new way can help us represent a fresh start or shedding the past. Even in movies, characters often undergo a makeover, including a new hair style, to represent that they’ve changed, or that their life is about to change.

Symbol of Hair for Women

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