May 24, 2018

Women are always searching for the ‘new’ way to do the old styles, but there are indeed some styles that never get old or ‘tired looking’, we call those the classic looks. Sure, you can freshen them up here and there, but, overall, they have stood the test of time and they will always stand out as a ‘classic’ hair style. We’ve narrowed it down to the following three: Pony Tails, Braids, and Waves. So, let’s look at how women are re-styling these classics for the Summer of 2018.

Pony Tails, Pony Tails, and (more) Pony Tails

The Pony Tail is back in style…not that it has ever really gone ‘out of’ style. When the weather heats up as it has this year, with skyrocketing temperatures, the women are cooling down by putting their hair in a ponytail – braided or piled high. Women are trying new ways to wear the ponytail this current year, from the loose braid ponytail to the banded ponytails that are a runway classic. We have seen two side-twists for flare, wrapping thin sections of hair to hide the ponytail holder, or for a more polished sleek look for the office or a night out try the low ponytail and use one of the popular edge smoothing hair care products to give that sleek, professional runway look. Of course, the standard one large barrel is always chic and classy, and you can never go wrong with sticking to the basics. The phrase if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it applies to this long standing classic ponytail look. There are of course all the other Summer 2018 ponytail looks you can Google for pictures and how-to’s, such as the pineapple ponytail, low minimalistic ponytail or the popular chunky braid festival favorite this year. But wait, there is more…how about the French Braid Ponytail, the side part pony, or the ever fun-loving pigtails. No matter which one you choose, you will never be out of style by sporting a classic ponytail or a re-styled pony look for 2018.

Let’s Hear it for Braids!

Women like for their hair to look good – no matter what the occasion. It doesn’t matter if it is your wedding, a prom, a special dinner, or a trip to the grocery store…women want their hair to be “on” always – the one sure way to achieve an always ‘on point’ look is with the classic braid. Long hair or short hair, there is a guaranteed braid style for you. All you need to find that ‘right’ style braid for you is to simply let your fingers do the walking and type “Braids for the Summer” into your Google Search Engine box and you will be delightfully entertained with videos and pictures of quite literally hundreds of ways to do your braid, no matter your hair type or length – the only one thing that is a constant with braids is that you can be assured this classic look will never go out of style. No matter how you ‘do’ your braid, you’ll look good. length extensions

The Wave

The wave remains a classic and timeless look still worn by many, but the old wave has seen a revival with some new products and tools to help “get your wave on”. The wave has many looks from the beach wave, the grunge wave to the soft wave – be assured that whichever wave you rock, this ever-classic style will see you having fun in the summer sun.
Summing Up
The one thing that all three of these classic styles have in common is that if you want to glam it up, make it fuller, make it longer, or make it ‘any’thing different, is to use hair extensions for your styling, and not just ‘any’ hair extensions, but quality hair extensions. Quality hair extensions are an investment and can help you achieve a different look with almost any style you choose, so choose wisely, and do your research on which type of luxury hair extensions will work best for you. Customizable clip-in extensions are best, since they can be cut and colored to fit your style and skin tone, not to mention blend with your natural hair.