Mar 03, 2019

With the arrival of spring, it is time to start gearing up for wedding season. If you are getting married this spring, you have probably been thinking about your wedding for months now. If you will be in a wedding this spring, it is time to start thinking about the perfect hairdo. While this is a big decision for many women, this article will provide you with some guidance. Below, you will find out about some of the most popular hairdos for the 2019 wedding season. Read below to find the do that is right for you.

Vintage Curls

All things vintage are totally the rage right now, and curls always provide a touch of elegance. When you combo them in any way with vintage fashion, accessories, and décor, you get a trendy, elegant look that you simply can’t go wrong with. This is why so many women have been choosing to rock vintage curls recently.

Updo With A Twist

The “updo” is always a popular look for formal events, such as weddings. This wedding season, you can expect to see many updos with a twist. The twisted updo look is both glamorous and funky.


Flowers go hand-in-hand with weddings, which is why many brides and bridesmaids are choosing to wear “flowers in their hair.” Flowered accessories – when combined with just about any hairstyle – will be all the rage at weddings in the spring of 2019. Flowers are so alluring, beckoning the whisper of spring.

Clip In Hair Extensions

For many brides and bridesmaids, the clip on hair topper is the way to go. This is because clip in hair toppers can add style and elegance in a snap. With so much to do before a wedding, and so much time to spend getting ready, women appreciate that they can apply luxury hair extensions in a matter of seconds. This really takes a lot of the stress out of getting ready for a wedding. Women also appreciate that clip in extensions can be customized with regard to style, cut, and color.


The ponytail remains a popular wedding hairstyle for women with long hair. There are many types of ponytails that you can expect to see at weddings this spring:
  • Simple (classic) ponytails
  • Side ponytails
  • High ponytails
  • Wavy ponytails
This is a relatively simple hairstyle that still manages to look elegant and sophisticated. This is why the ponytail will always remain a classic look at weddings.


The chignon is a timeless look that is simply regal. You can count on seeing this look at weddings, almost as much as you can count on The Electric Slide. For a classy look that will always be sure to turn heads, the chignon is definitely the way to go.

Waves2" Salon Curling Iron/Wand

There is one look that will really “make waves” at weddings in the spring of 2019. Of course, we are talking about the wavy look. This look is both elegant and laidback, and is perfect for women with long hair. This is another look that we consider classic and timeless, and all you need is a large barrel curling iron.