Jul 23, 2018

No matter when you are going to get married, no bride ever really stop thinking about ‘the dress.’ Goodness, there are entire television programs dedicated to just this one item. Each new bride waits anxiously from season to season to see what will be new. Mothers, daughters, grandmas, sisters, cousins, even the men get drawn into the ‘idea’ of the perfect dress. Fall 2018 will see new necklines, new collars, embellished tops, belts, and new a crop of simple, unadorned wedding dresses. There are still capes and jackets, pearl embellishments, bows, and fringe. There are asymmetrical hemlines and veils with customized hair extensions to wow anyone, anywhere. Read on for some of the most wanted and talked about looks for this Fall. bridal hair extensions


2018 will see lots of little ‘pops’ of color on the white dress. Some added soft hues of airy pink, gold, some pale blue and even a pop of purple will light wedding runways, shows and shops.


This fall the focus is away from the highly embellished necklines and jeweled shoulder detail. So, if those menswear-inspired necklines are not for you, then head to the shops and take a look around, as many of the top designers such as Di Santo, Alexander, and Liancarlo all focused on the neckline.


That’s right, belts! They are back and better than ever. The wedding gowns for Fall 2018 are being cinched in a variety of ways: beaded belts, tied ribbons, and soft leather belts in soft hues. Some of the gowns are adding those ‘pops’ of color talked about at the beginning, with belts of purple and green and just about every shade in-between. They are being mixed and matched with wider belts, skinny belts, loop belts…just about anything goes when it comes to belts this season.


Hand-in-hand are bows and brides. However, for Fall Wedding 2018 the idea is to be as chic and modern as possible. There is a look for everything, even a jumpsuit with a bow-covered top for those daring out of the box thinkers. Then, of course, accented bows on the top of the sleeves and shoulders. No matter how large or small the detail, it is indeed the detail that makes an impression on the bride-to- be.


The asymmetrical hemline is the go-to hemline if you want to be formal for your wedding. The hemline is also versatile enough to change for a new look at the reception. If you are the fun, upbeat bride that wants a good time all day and night, the asymmetrical hem is the perfect wedding/party, all-in-one dress for you. So, visit your favorite shops and see all they have to offer.

Capes and Jackets

Moto jackets, floaty capelets, and hooded floor-length capes. Yes, Fall 2018 has them all. Almost every major designer highlighted a dress for Fall with not just a look, but a stylish, cool-weather wedding look that included some type of additional covering . If different is what you are after, then go for the hood!