Apr 02, 2017

The spring and summer seasons are full of joy. New beginnings, flowers blooming and warm weather all usher in good vibes. The warmer months are also prime wedding season. Between April and August, millions of people will tie the knot. Between the bride, the wedding guests and everyone in between, wedding style is imperative to a successful wedding. It seems stressful but glamorous wedding style is easily attainable. As a wedding guest, wearing the perfect dress is essential for photos, aesthetic and catching the eye of the other single guests. Depending on the time, venue and even theme of the wedding, outfit choice requires thought. Use the following tips to arrive in fabulous style to any wedding this season.

Black-Tie Wedding

A black-tie event is formal and a wedding is not an exception. These extravagant weddings are fancy affairs. For men this means a tuxedo, for women, typically a gown. A cocktail dress will sometimes be appropriate; however, a gown should be first choice. If you opt for a cocktail dress, try to wear colors or fabrics with luxurious qualities such a black or velvet. When styling a black-tie wedding look, accessorize with glamourous stones and pearls. Use luxury hair extensions for an extra level of glam and finish the look with a polished face. luxury hair piece

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings tend to be more casual. Although the beach setting is more lax than a black-tie wedding, it is important to remember that it is still a wedding. Save the shorts and tank tops for personal beach trips and opt for dresses, skirts or pants that are light and airy. This will ensure comfortability with the potential heat of a beach wedding, but you will also look like a wedding guest and not a random beach goer. Maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for beach weddings. Try to wear sandals, not heels to avoid mishaps in the sand. Keep the hair and makeup clean and simple as the warmer weather could have varying effects on beauty products.
Church Wedding
Traditional church weddings have different style rules depending on the levels of formality. It can be a semi-formal, black-tie or casual event. The important factors in nailing wedding style in a church are the levels of modesty. Churches and other places of worship are sacred to believers. Keep garments modest and makeup and hair looks simple. If the religious center where the wedding is held is not one of your own, make sure to be informed and prepared well before the wedding day. Ask the bride or groom what is and is not appropriate.
Garden Wedding
Garden and outdoor venues are often top choices for weddings. Garden weddings are usually semi-formal. Cocktail dresses and looks are appropriate unless otherwise noted. For outdoor weddings, there are elements to styling. For example, if the wedding is in a venue that is grassy, the six-inch stiletto might be dangerous. Gardens and botanical venues set the atmosphere and romantic floral patterns are perfect to wear to compliment the natural beauty and romance of an outdoor affair.