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May 22, 2024

The power of weft hair extensions, explained

Imagine the possibility of leveling up your hair with length, volume, and texture in just an afternoon—that’s what weft hair extensions offer—a transformation without the patience required to grow your hair out. Available in wefts or long strips of hair that can be sewn, these extensions can be bonded or clipped into your natural hair for a low-lift look that feels both natural and packed with wow-factor.

What distinguishes weft extensions from others is their adaptability, long-lasting nature, and customization options to fit your unique style preferences. What’s not to love? Want to increase volume subtly or try more length? Weft hair extensions can get you there.

Keep reading for the deets on selecting, applying, and maintaining weft hair extensions, recognizing the various types available, and learning how to care for them effectively—basically, all things hair wefts. 


What are weft extensions?

Weft hair extensions are essentially curtains of hair, sewn together at the top, that sneakily blend into your natural hair. They consist of a horizontal strip of hair that can be customized in length and volume, so you get the look you’re coveting, whether that’s a fuller, thicker appearance or to add length, all while maintaining a natural look that moves and feels like your own hair.

There are three primary types of weft extensions, each with its unique benefits:

Hand-tied wefts are the couture of hair extensions. Artisans carefully sew each hair strand by hand to create a thin, flexible weft. The result is an extension that lies flat against the scalp, offering seamless integration with natural hair. They're ideal for those seeking a lightweight option that minimizes bulk.

Machine-tied wefts, created with the help of technology, are thicker and wider than their hand-tied counterparts. They offer more volume and are generally more durable, making them a great option for those looking to add significant fullness to their hair. Despite being a bit heavier, they can still blend naturally into your hair with proper installation.

Skin wefts are extensions that come with a polyurethane base designed to mimic the scalp, making them virtually undetectable. Skin wefts are applied close to the hairline, providing a natural look ideal for adding volume at the top of the head or for those with thinning hair.

Choosing weft hair extensions over other types might depend on your desire for a more natural blend with your existing hair, the flexibility in styling options, or the need for a semi-permanent solution that doesn't involve daily application. A bonus is the possibility of custom-fitting and styling without the commitment of more permanent extensions.


Boost your confidence along with your hair game

Weft hair extensions transform your appearance and self-image almost as much as a visit from the Fab Five. Imagine going from shorter, shoulder-length hair to long, flowing tresses after a single salon visit or witnessing thin, lackluster hair become full of volume and life—you better believe you’ll be feeling a confidence boost.

Hair plays a crucial role in how we view ourselves and how others perceive us. Choosing to take control of your hair destiny with weft hair extensions for more length and volume boosts your self-esteem and self-image. The beauty of these extensions is an immediate and noticeable upgrade that can help you feel more attractive and assertive in no time.

Weft hair extensions can be a great way to enhance the thickness and look of your hair, which is a huge psychological bonus if you’ve been struggling with thinning or hair loss. Once you have weft hair extensions, you’ll likely find yourself looking for opportunities to flaunt your new style wherever you go—no judgment here!


Finding the right weft for you

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Choosing the right weft hair extensions is like finding that perfect LBD that complements your curves in all the right ways. Identifying a suitable match that enhances your hair texture, approximates your hair color flawlessly, and fits smoothly into your daily routine is the ultimate goal.


Think about texture

Weft extensions come in a variety of textures to blend flawlessly with everything from straight to curly hair. Unfortunately, a mismatch in texture can look obvious and out of place, so getting the texture spot on is crucial. If your hair is silky smooth or has the bounce of curls, there's a weft that will weave into your locks as if it was always meant to be there—you just have to find it.


Consider color-matching

The goal is to either perfectly match your natural hair color or choose a shade that complements it if you're going for highlights or an ombre effect. Professional stylists are akin to artists mixing and matching until they find the hue that resonates with your natural palette, so rely on their expertise to make sure the extensions are indistinguishable from your real hair.


Link it to your lifestyle

If you're the active type, lightweight, easy-to-maintain options might be your best bet. For those who love to style and change their look frequently, versatile wefts that can withstand heat and styling are ideal.


Listen to the pros

They can assess your hair's health, understand your aesthetic and lifestyle needs, and recommend the best type of weft for you. Remember, quality should never be compromised for price. Investing in high-quality extensions from reputable suppliers helps keep your hair looking not only fabulous but healthy, too! Renowned brands and trusted salons are your go-to sources for extensions that promise beauty, durability, and safety.


How to apply wefts 

Transforming your hair with weft extensions is a craft—a blend of precision, artistry, and technique. Whether you're considering hand-tied, machine-tied, or skin-weft extensions, here's a glimpse into how these marvelous changes are made.


Hand-tied wefts:

– Sectioning your hair: Your stylist will begin by sectioning your hair, creating a clear path for where the wefts are to be placed.

– Creating the anchor: A thin braid or "bead" row is formed along the section as an anchor for the wefts.

– Attaching the weft: The hand-tied weft is then sewn onto the braid or beads, lying flat against your scalp for a seamless finish.


Machine-tied wefts:

– Preparation: Similar to hand-tied, your hair is sectioned off to prepare for the weft.

– Attachment: Instead of a braid, a special machine is used to securely attach the weft to your natural hair, keeping a strong hold.


Skin wefts:

– Clean and part: Your hair is parted along the area where the extension will be placed, ensuring the scalp is clean.

– Application: A skin weft comes with a tape or adhesive side that is pressed directly onto your scalp, mimicking the look of hair growing from the root.


Professional vs. DIY

Although there are DIY weft application kits available, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a professional stylist due to the benefits they bring. Professional stylists have the expertise and precision to ensure that the extensions are placed correctly and blend naturally with your hair. Plus, the risk of damage to your natural hair, uneven placement, and discomfort will be much less if you trust the pros.


Maintenance and care

Maintaining your weft hair extensions is essential for prolonging their life and keeping them looking as fabulous as the day they were woven into your locks. With the right care, your extensions can seamlessly blend with your natural hair, maintaining that fresh salon look. Here are some essential tips for your daily care routine and keeping your extensions in top shape.


Week one

To maintain your hair extensions for longer, refrain from using heavy styling products or pulling them too hard. It's best to wait for at least 48 hours before washing your hair to give the wefts ample time to secure. When brushing your hair, use a soft bristle brush and start from the ends of your hair, working your way up to prevent tugging at the roots. This will help keep your extensions in good condition for a longer time.


Daily care

To avoid causing any damage to the wefts of your hair, it is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush. Always start from the ends of your hair and gently work your way up to the roots, taking care not to snag or pull your hair. 

Before going to bed, it is advisable to braid your hair or tie it in a loose ponytail to prevent tangling. Additionally, using silk pillowcases can help reduce friction and keep your hair smooth.


Washing, drying, and styling

To maintain your hair extensions and prevent product buildup, wash them two to three times a week using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. When washing your hair, make sure to move your hands in a downward motion, starting from the scalp and working your way towards the ends. Avoid scrubbing or bunching up the hair, as this can cause tangling.

After washing, gently pat your hair with a towel and avoid rubbing it. If you plan to use a blow dryer, keep it on low heat and hold it at least 6 inches away from the roots to avoid weakening the bonds. When using heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray to both your natural hair and the extensions. Make sure to avoid applying direct heat to the bonds or tape.


Professional maintenance

It is recommended that you schedule an appointment with your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the integrity of your weft extensions. During this appointment, your stylist can make any necessary adjustments and trim your natural hair and the extensions to keep your hairstyle looking balanced and beautiful. 

Please keep in mind that the longevity of your weft extensions largely depends on how well you care for them. By following these care routines, you can ensure that your extensions remain a crowning glory, blending seamlessly with your natural hair and enhancing your overall look.


Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Keep your extensions looking their best for as long as possible by avoiding some of the most common pitfalls. One of the most frequent mistakes people make when getting weft hair extensions is not seeking professional guidance. 

It is always advisable to consult with an experienced stylist to determine the best type of weft for your hair type and lifestyle. Their expertise will keep your extensions looking natural and help them last longer. Likewise, regular check-ins with your stylist are crucial for adjusting any slipping wefts and addressing any wear and tear and will prevent bigger issues like matting or noticeable gaps from developing.

When it comes to hair care, just like your natural hair, extensions need upkeep. Failure to brush gently, wash correctly, or protect your hair at night can lead to tangling, matting, and even damage to your natural hair, so plan for some routine hair self-care dates. 

As you can probably imagine, overusing heat tools or products can wear down your extensions, causing them to slip or look less vibrant. Using heat protectant sprays and embracing low-heat styling whenever possible will help preserve your extensions.

Lastly, when washing your hair, avoid washing it upside down or scrubbing too vigorously, which can cause the wefts to tangle or weaken. Instead, wash your hair in a gentle, downward motion and be cautious of the roots where the wefts are attached.


Embracing your new locks

Just like that, you have all the info you need to become the proud wearer of a stunning new crown. Now that you know the nature of weft hair extensions, their confidence-boosting impact, the art of choosing the perfect match, the magic of their application, essential maintenance tips, and how to avoid typical mistakes, go ahead and let your hair down—literally and figuratively.