Mar 08, 2020

Remy Hair Extensions Beat All Others

Here at the Laurent Ashtyn Collection, we exclusively sell Remy hair extensions. Remy is a luxury hair extension brand that comes highly recommended all over the world. They are only made from 100% human hair, so clients like us always know what we are getting. This is only part of why they are considered the best hair extension brand in the world. See why we choose Remy hair extensions at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection and invest in a customizable set today!


To get this out of the way first, we do NOT choose Remy hair extensions based on cost. These are certainly not the cheapest hair extensions on the market. This is an investment in which the saying “you get what you pay for” really makes sense. The more costly the product, the more you can get out of it when it comes to time, look, and feel.

100% Human Hair

Remy hair extensions are always made with 100% real human hair. The donors’ hair is handled carefully after being cut to increase the lifespan and improve the look of the hair extension. Place a synthetic hair extension next to the 100% human hair Remy hair extension, and the difference is clear. They are also very different in texture.

Natural Look

Many argue that Remy hair extensions give the wearer the most natural look available on the market. This is due to the biological approach Remy takes to caring for the donor’s hair after it is removed. The outer layer of hair, known as the cuticle, is left intact. Non-Remy hair extensions are often stripped of the cuticle, causing dryness and the look of obviously-damaged hair.

Silky Smooth

Hair is not just meant to be looked at. As the wearer, it is important the hair feels good. The texture of your hair extension is also obvious when compared to the natural hair on your head. Remy hair extensions will do the best at matching the look and feel of your natural hair because this is also natural hair!

Reputable Brand

We are proud to offer Remy hair extensions here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. This brand is known for being trustworthy and honest. In paying top-dollar for beautiful natural human hair helps a lot of people in need of pocket cash. Here are some of the ways they obtain these beautiful locks:

  • Hair salons that reuse hair rather than throwing it away
  • Temples from which hair is donated
  • Non-working housewives

Working with Remy gives us a hand in something that is bigger than all of us. That’s why we exclusively sell Remy hair extensions at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

How We Use Them

We offer hand made, customizable clip-in hair extensions using the Remy brand. Never settle for anything less. You can choose your style, cut, and color by visiting our convenient website. We make it easy to find the look of your dreams.