Nov 20, 2017

With a winter wonderland landscape as a backdrop, the possibilities for truly beautiful bridal photos are endless during the wintertime, even if just for the fact that few brides choose to take photos during the winter, making them instantly unique and special. The key to taking bridal photos during the winter is to embrace the cooler weather and use it to your advantage. Scenery Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you’re stuck with indoor only photos. In fact, the winter landscape is ripe for picture perfection. Taking photos during a light snow will lend an instant magic to any scene—even if you can only stand it for a few minutes at time. An all-white backdrop after a snow storm is an easy way to make you and your betrothed pop. Even the leafless trees can be romantic with a dusting of the white stuff. If you’re looking for more contrast against a white bridal gown, try taking your photos in front of evergreens, such as at park, forest, or Christmas tree farm. The white will look stunning against the evergreen backdrop and instantly draw the eye to the star of the show—you. This is a great option for those taking photos in winter but without snow on the ground. If you do have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, though, use it! Write your wedding date in the snow, initials, or even a giant heart around the two of you. Any photographer worth their weight should be able to Photoshop out any lingering footsteps in the snow.


Even though you may be freezing outside, the pictures don’t have to portray it. In fact, winter photos can look warm and inviting with the expert use of props. Choose things that convey warmth and coziness—such as soft woven blankets or faux furs. Not only can these add color and texture to the photos but they can pull double duty and keep you nice and warm during your photography session. Another easy idea that can be incredibly romantic is to use your fiancée’s jacket wrapped around you. A modern nod to the high school tradition of wearing your boyfriend’s letterman jacket, you will appreciate the added warmth towards the end of your session.

Your Look

customizable hair extensions Given the white dress which will blend in with a snowy background, the key to making your look really special is how you accessorize it. A natural colored fur stole or a pastel colored shawl are all good options against a white background. In order to continue the warm and cozy feel against a stark climate, try wearing your hair down in long waves, accessorized by a pearl brooch or fresh greenery. If the effect of the dry climate makes your hair flat or lifeless, you can utilize real hair extensions for additional volume, thickness, and length if needed. In addition to using greenery as a hair accessory, a bouquet made up of pine, silver leaf eucalyptus, or magnolia leaves are all good options. Add a pop of color in a deep hue such as maroon for added interest. If you are a bride on the more daring side, consider adding in a soft lavender or pink hue to customizable extensions to really make your special day unique.