Feb 19, 2020

Helping Woman Save Time

If you are one of the 75% of employed women who work full-time, and prefer a certain look of a fuller, more luxurious head of hair, you probably know about clip-in hair extensions from the Lauren Ashtyn Collection. However, if you don’t know about them then read this article. Women make up nearly half of the entire labor force today, and that means any time saving tips are well appreciated. Hair extensions can improve the appearance of your hair by giving it more body, volume and length. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection uses real European Remy human hair, which is the highest quality available.

Achieve A Great Look Quickly

Clip-in hair extensions are an easy way to achieve the look you want in minutes, instead of spending hours and getting less than ideal results. You can customize your extensions with multi-dimensional colors, cuts and styles. They have a special, 4-clip design that ensures a snug, secure fit. And they’re easy to maintain, as you just use the same products you use on your own hair, and they even sell quality products on their website to make it easier, still. When you’re getting ready for work, you want to achieve a certain look, without taking a lot of time to do it. Real Clip-in hair extensions from the Lauren Ashtyn Collection can accomplish this for you.

Accent Your Hair With Real Human Hair

Each clip-in hair extension is handcrafted with the highest quality real human hair, and takes 45 days to complete the process. With proper care, your extensions can last up to 3 years. They believe that this kind of excellence cannot be rushed, and is why their products are beyond compare. Lauren Ashtyn is the daughter of a stylist and grew up in the midst of the world of the modern salon, and believes in helping each client achieve the best version of herself possible.

Women who work, whether full or part time, live busy lives and need all the help they can get. If you’re one of the 74.6 million women in the labor force today, you know how important it is to get the look you want in a short amount of time. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has clip-in hair extensions that only take a matter of seconds to apply, and make your morning getting ready ritual go smoothly and quickly. You can get the look you want in a manner of short minutes instead of hours.

Choose Light Coverage To Full Volume

You can add length to your own hair by choosing between 10”-12” luxury length or 16”-18” luxury length extensions, and can be worn with the light volume root coverage or full volume options as well. The light volume root coverage is made for women who just want to add a little volume to their hair or cover unwanted grays, and have a 3”X5” base that easily clips in around your roots. The full volume is the most popular, and adds fullness, body and length. Visit online today and get a free consultation or check out the products at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.