We Post Helpful Haircare Videos To Our Website

Here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, haircare is our passion. Because we are so passionate about haircare, and have so much experience in the haircare industry, we are haircare experts. We have decided to share some of that industry expertise with our customers, in the form of helpful videos. These videos address topics that women frequently ask us about via our free online consultations, as well as topics that we feel the general public should know more about. Recent videos have covered such topics as:

  • Hair Loss
  • Cutting Hair Extensions
  • Coloring Roots
  • Taking Hair Selfies
  • How To Clip In Our Hair Extensions

Many of the videos relate directly to our hair extensions, as we get a lot of questions about how best to apply, cut, and style our extensions. That being said, other videos discuss general haircare topics, while others are meant to help women build confidence and self-esteem. We believe in supporting our clients, and helping them reach their haircare goals. Our videos serve as an extension of that belief. And the response to these videos has been overwhelmingly positive. Our recent video on hair loss, for example, has been viewed nearly 4,000 times!


The presenter of our videos is none other than the founder of our company, Lauren Ashtyn. Ms. Ashtyn has a lifetime of experience in the haircare industry: she was raised by a hair stylist and started working in salons herself at a young age. Ms. Ashtyn is eager to share her knowledge of haircare with others. She presents topics in a clear and concise manner that is accessible to everyone. Our videos are not overly lengthy either: most run just a couple of minutes. Although these videos are short, they are packed with content. Our videos are also presented in a variety of formats. Some of our videos are tutorials and demonstrations, while others involve an in-depth discussion about a certain haircare topic.


Because we have so much helpful information to share, we are frequently adding new videos to our site. We recommend that you check our video page about once a week for new updates. Or, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will get notifications about our helpful new videos.  If you have any suggestions for future topics that you would like to see discussed in our videos, feel free to email us or leave us a comment.

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In addition to our videos, we also post many helpful written articles about haircare. These articles cover many of the same topics that our videos do, and will increase your knowledge of haircare topics even more. We frequently add new articles to our site as well, so we recommend that you check our blog on a weekly basis. We post new videos and blogs so frequently because we are excited to share our haircare knowledge with you.