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100% Human European Remy hair extensions, highest quality available on the market! Each strand of hair is triple knotted by hand to a uniquely engineered Hair Extension product. Yes all our Human hair wigs , Hair Toppers, and Hair extensions are hand tied. The only question to ask yourself is do you want full volume, light volume, or length?

  • Full Hair Topper | Wigs

    12-18'' Full Volume Hair Topper
    5-6" Full Volume Hair Toppers Human Hair Wigs

  • Light Volume Hair Topper

    12-16'' Light Volume Hair Topper
    5-6" Light Volume Hair Topper

  • Halo Design Hair Extensions

    10-12'' Luxury Length Hair Extension
    16-18'' Luxury Length Hair Extension



Luxury Human Hair Toppers, Wigs, and Extensions

  • Full Volume Toppers

    Larger Base Hair Topper

  • Light Volume Toppers

    Smaller Base Hair Topper

  • Luxury Human Hair Wigs

    Luxury Human Hair Wigs

  • Luxury Length Extensions

    Halo Design Hair Extensions



To be the most successful with your new luxury hair, these products are must haves recommended by Lauren Ashtyn!


Lauren Ashtyn Stylists travel all over the US hosting Pop Up Salons!


You can now have a custom colored topper in Lauren Ashtyn's Signature Color!



This by far is the best product I have ever used! I have spent thousands on extension and other similar products. The quality speaks for itself. I have thin hair and just wanted a bit more. The color is perfect and looks so natural! I spoke with Rebecca and she was so pleasant and helpful! Thank you!


This is my 3rd piece that I have bought from them. This is how much I love and believe in their products!!! It has literally changed my life and my confidence. When they first came out with the wigs I just knew I had to try it and I absolutely love it so much!! No one can tell that it's not my real hair and all my friends tell me how well it matches me and how good it looks!!! Customer service is A+++! Everytime I message them on IG, I get a response right away!!! Couldn't be happier! Great investment!


Love Love Love this hair piece now I feel so beautiful I have fuller hair and endless styling options!! This company seriously changed my life!


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If you want to find a salon that specializes in hair extensions, look no further than The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Salon & Extension Bar. Conveniently located in Spartanburg, SC, our team loves to serve our local community and tourists alike. Make sure to book your appointment and stop by next time you’re in town.

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As a specialized hair extension salon, our team of experts can help you find the perfect hair piece or human hair extensions to unlock the luscious locks you deserve.

Some of our most popular services at The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Salon & Extension Bar include:

-Best Hair Toppers
-Handmade Hair Extensions that Last for Years
-Clip-in Extensions
-Easily Snaps in for Instant Volume and Fullness
-Top Quality Hair Extensions
- 100% European Remy Human Hair

To get started with our haircare services, we recommend coming in for a consultation. During your consultation, we’ll be able to get to know you, your hair type, and your hair care goals, all so we can tailor your salon experience to your needs.

Get one step closer to your hair goals! If you are looking for the best haircare services here in Spartanburg, we encourage you to take the plunge and make an appointment for a hair consultation. Trust us, you will be glad you did.
Or, use our easy stylist locator to find partner stylist near you. We have specialists trained in The Lauren Ashtyn ways spread across the United States and internationally.



Are you suffering from hair loss and looking to add more volume to your hair? If so, human hair toppers for women are the solution for you! Toppers for women add volume and length to provide a beautiful transformation so you can feel beautiful and confident every day. Now you may be wondering whether female hair toppers look natural. As long as you know what products to use, how to style them, and how to preserve them, women's hair toppers are a great way to achieve natural-looking hair. In this blog, we give you all the tips and tricks to ensure your hair toppers look natural and teach you how to properly store and apply them.


1. Choose the right hair color. If you don’t want your women's hair topper to be noticeable, you need to be extremely careful when choosing the color. The strands of your top piece must match the strands of your natural hair. Your real hair also compliments your skin, so it is important to choose a hair extension that suits your skin tone. 2. Wash your hairpiece. You should take care of your human hair topper for women the same way you would treat your real hair. If possible, wash your women's hair topper with a shampoo and conditioner that includes UV and filters, moisture, and no parabens. Make sure your conditioner is applied only from your mids to your ends, and always use cold or lukewarm water. To make your female hair topper look natural, wash it when necessary as overwashing it can cause it to lose its shape, color, and style. For daily use, wash it every 4-6 weeks. 3. Take care of your human hair topper for women. Keep your hair topper detangled by frequently using a comb to brush it from bottom to top. Once you are done brushing, shake the wig out so it looks natural and smooth. Before applying heat, make sure your hair topper air-dries completely to avoid damage and make it last longer. The less heat you use, the longer your hair topper will last and the more natural it will look. 4. Use eyeshadow to create a more natural look. Blend your women’s hair topper in with your natural hair by using an eyeshadow powder that matches your topper hair color and blending it around the part of the hair. This makes thinning hair look fuller so it matches your hair topper’s thickness.


After choosing your female hair topper, you are ready to clip it in. Follow these steps to apply your hair topper properly.


Open all the clips on the women’s hair topper. Tease your hair in the targeted areas where you will attach the topper clips. Place the hair topper over the hair loss areas and secure the clips at the front. Lightly flatten the hairpiece and secure the back and side clips. Keep the base tight to secure the remaining clips. Lightly brush it out to blend the hair topper with your natural hair and style as desired.



The natural shine and gloss of your human hair topper for women will fade over time, but there are ways to keep it looking fresh for longer. Here are some ways you can store your hair topper to keep its natural look. Store your hair topper for women on a mannequin head to keep its shape. Avoid keeping your hair topper for women in heat and direct sunlight. Store it in a cool and dry place to protect the hair fibers. Place your hair topper in a hair net and store it in a box or bag. Store your human hair topper for women in a clean zip-lock bag or a silk or satin bag to keep it soft.


Don't sleep in them

The same way you remove your makeup before bed, make sure to remove clip-in hair extensions. If you sleep with them, they can become tangled and frizzy, leaving you with bad hair the next day. It is best to remove your hair extensions from top to bottom to avoid damaging them. If you wear a human hair wig, take it off before you go to sleep. In case you don't have your usual tools or you're drained , try to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or wrap your head to avoid too much friction. Don't worry about removing hair extensions if they're sewn into your hair. You can sleep with a silk scarf or sleeping cap to avoid knots.

Use pro shampoo

Proper hair care for extensions and wigs is crucial. Whether your extensions are clipped-in, sewn in, or taped in, cleanse your hair extensions to strip them of any dirt or oil. If you have sewn-in extensions, wash your hair as you normally would. If you have clip-in extensions, wash them once a month to avoid drying them out. For a human hair wig, wash it every 7-10 wears with a sulfate-free shampoo and cool water.

Use pro conditioner

A key hair care tip for extensions and wigs is using a moisturizing, nourishing conditioner. This will restore moisture to dry ends, ensuring your hair stays healthy. After shampooing, apply the conditioner and rinse your extensions or wig thoroughly. If you want to add moisture, apply a leave-in conditioner periodically. Remove tangles with a detangling spray and a gentle comb. If you have clip-in hair extensions, lay them out to dry. For a human hair wig, air dry or use a blow dryer.

Use a heat protectant

Since your hair extensions and human hair wigs don’t have the same natural oils like your real hair, avoiding heat tools will keep them from drying out. Try a heat-free styling option such as a heatless curling set or texture spray. When using heat on your hair, make sure you apply a heat protectant. If you want voluminous, healthy hair that lasts, daily hair care for extensions and wigs is essential. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection uses 100% European Remy hair in all of its hair products to boost self-esteem and confidence. Call for your free consultation today, and see the difference Remy hair extensions and Remy human hair wigs can make.



Unlike most other hair extension companies, we only use human hair for our extensions. We feel that any hair that came from an animal is not fit for you.

Not only do we use human hair, but we use 100% Remy human hair—the highest quality rating there is.

Our hair toppers can fill in the gaps in your hair. If you are suffering from thinning hair, our toppers will help you reclaim your old look.

Women with severe hair loss turn to us for hair replacement. They often tell us that our hair extensions have given them their confidence and look back.

Luxury is what we do. All of our materials, form our hair extensions to our hair care products, are made using the finest materials available.

Our hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut, and style. This is one aspect that sets us apart from so many other hair extension companies.

Our crown extensions feature a uniquely engineered mesh base.

All of our hair extensions are made from high-quality European hair.

Our clip in extensions could not be easier to apply and remove. Women appreciate the fact that they can have our extensions in place in just seconds.

Each strand of our hair extensions is knotted by hand. This is a process that can take up to 45 days, but this is a small price to pay for top-quality hair extensions.

Our commitment to using the best materials and not rushing the process guarantees that when you buy from us, you are buying the best hair extensions you can purchase.

Unlike hair extensions from other companies, our clip in hair extensions do not damage your hair.

We make all of our hair extensions by hand, in order to offer you the finest product.

Our high quality hair extensions simply cannot be beat.