A woman with bangs and honey blond hair, both spring hairstyle trends.

Mar 21, 2024

15 hairstyles to freshen up your look for spring


Blond, bobs, and bangs coming at you for spring 2024

Are you tired of winter hair blues and ready to let your hair shine this spring? We've got the ultimate guide to shake off that cold-weather slump and embrace the newness with 15 spring hairstyles that’ll leave you feeling fresh.

Spring is all about renewal, so there’s no better way to kick it off than giving your hair a makeover. Whether you're low-maintenance and seeking simplicity, or you’re ready to push the hair boundaries, we've got something for everyone. 

From super-short pixie cuts to braided up ‘dos and warm blond tones, our lineup of hairstyles is your ticket to a springtime transformation.

Explore all the incoming cuts, colors, and styles with us, and get ready to say goodbye to winter hat hair and hello to an all-new, head-turning look.


Haircuts for spring


First up, the cut. If you’re ready for a big chop all over or just a quick refresh, there’s something for everyone in the trending hairstyles for spring 2024.


1) Bangs
When you want to change your hair, bangs are always a good first step. But not all bangs are created equal, and this spring, you have three choices: wispy bangs, curtain bangs or side bangs.

Wispy bangs are the evolution of the micro bang, and while they’re just as sparse, they have more length and offer a little more versatility. Think ‘70s rocker rather than futuristic popstar.

Curtain bangs have been popular for a few years now, but as the ‘90s blowout craze continues (more on that later), they’re not going anywhere. Again, a relatively versatile bang shape that looks great on pretty much everyone.

Finally, side bangs. Millennials, rejoice––because this one takes us right back to 2006. You’ll want a deep part for this look, with lots of weight through the front. Just bring your hairstylist any recent photo of Taylor Swift, who’s quickly becoming the leader of the side bang fan club.

2) An Italian bob
A bob is never just a bob, and for spring 2024, the bob everyone will be asking for is Italian. It's a sassy, shoulder-kissing 'do that's all about dolce vita vibes and effortless cool.

A softer version of a classic blunt bob, this one has a fuller, blowout look to it with the ends curled underneath for maximum bounciness. Pair it with the aforementioned curtain bangs and you’ll look like you belong on the streets of Milan.

3) A super-short pixie
Short hair is back in a big way for 2024, so if you’ve been considering a big change, now’s the time. A pixie cut is a really feminine way to do short hair, and if you want a great example of a perfect pixie, look to Audrey Hepburn’s cut in the ‘50s, or Halle Berry’s cut in 2001. 

If you have super curly hair, go for a textured pixie cut, which keeps a bit more length and texture (duh) throughout. 

Whichever pixie you choose, if you’re going from really long lengths right to super short, just make sure you give yourself the space to get used to it. It’ll seem like a shock initially, but we bet you’ll fall in love with it. If not, it will grow back, and you can always get hair extensions or an amazing wig.

4) Anything blunt
If you’re not one for layers or too much texture, and you like a really angular look for your hair, go with a blunt finish. Unlike the Italian bob, this look is a bit more severe, but in the best way, and it looks super crisp sitting just above your shoulders.

But, blunt doesn’t have to be a bob. You can have really sharp, blunt ends on a longer haircut, too. And if you love a bend or soft wave in your hair, those blunt ends finish off that shape perfectly.   

5) A refined shag
The mullet-adjacent shag was huge last year. The shag for 2024 is similar, but with a more elevated finish thanks to longer, face-framing layers and flipped-out ends. 

This is perfect if you have long or medium-length hair, and you want a change, but don’t want to lose too much length. Just ask your hairstylist for diagonal layers through the bottom of your hair, and add in those wispy bangs if you love a more retro look.

6) Box layers
On to a more midlength hair cut, we have box layers. Sort of similar to a mullet, it keeps lots of length through the bottom layer. 

You can do this as a shorter cut, but this is definitely one of the more adventurous options, so proceed with caution and make sure you and your hairstylist really understand each other.

7) A ‘90s lob
A lob, or a long bob, is always trendy this time of year because you’ll lose length, but not too much length. This particular one, which we know will be huge this year, is a nostalgic one, taking inspiration from ‘90s queens like Victoria Beckham, Drew Barrymore and Tyra Banks.

The ‘90s lob is a lot like the Italian bob, but it’s typically a bit longer and all one length with a little less movement. It’s a great choice if you have finer hair and you want to be able to tie it all up once the hotter weather hits. 


A woman with a blunt bob, one of the trending hairstyles for spring 2024.


The best new spring hair colors


Going for a color change instead of a cut? There are three big ones set to occupy your social media feeds this spring.

1) Red-brown

Red hair remains, at least through the first part of 2024. Dua Lipa is partially responsible for setting this one on fire (get it?), debuting her auburn shade of red late last year. 

Although we’ll still see lots of fire engine red and coppery tones, the warmer brown ones will be winners in spring. That’s evolving from another trend we saw last year: chocolate browns. 

So, if you’re ready for red this year, ask for something really warm and with lots of brown undertones. Not only will your hair color be on-trend, but it’ll be a lot easier to maintain. And, get a color-safe shampoo, because red will always run.  

2) Honey blond

Icy, cooler tones tend to prevail in the world of blond, but not for 2024. This coming spring, things are getting warmer, and blond is getting a honey-toned finish. 

The benefit here is that honey blond looks amazing on just about any skin tone, and it’s a lot easier to maintain. It also looks more natural––kind of like you just came home from a beach vacation (jealous, if you actually did). 

If you’re not ready to commit to a full head of blond, consider asking your hairstylist for some soft, creamy blond highlights through a more chestnut brown base color. Regardless, make sure you get the right shampoo for your new color.

3) Nature-inspired hues

This one has two meanings: your natural color, and the environment around you. Since more and more people are focusing on their hair and scalp health for 2024, it’s likely we’ll see less all-over color and more people embracing their natural color. That goes for greys, too. If you have them and you love them, consider keeping them.

But, if you are still ready for some color, take some inspiration from nature. That could be going for a more golden color than a cooler blond (see above) or choosing a really bright shade you spotted on a bird’s wings. This one’s for the creatives.


Incoming spring hairstyles


If you love an accessory, or love experimenting with styling products, here are five hairstyles to try this spring.

1) Headbands and bows

Headbands, thanks to shows like Emily in Paris and the resurgence of Gossip Girl, have been huge over the past few years. For 2024, we’ll still get those retro styles from the ‘60s through to the ‘00s, but we’ll also get more sporty ones that offer function over form.

Ribbons and bows are also back again this spring. Bows are bigger this year, whether they’re decorating a hair clip or wrapped around a ponytail. Velvet and silk ribbons are also a fun substitute for a plain old hair elastic, especially if you want to elevate your outfit. 

2) A ‘90s blowout

Back to that ‘90s nostalgia, if your motto is “big hair, don’t care” you’re in luck: because bouncy blowouts are sticking around this spring. Your reference could be Cindy Crawford, Rachel Green in Friends, or Cher in Clueless.  

Voluminous hair, achieved either with a blowdryer and a round brush or set with big curlers, is a look you can definitely DIY with a little practice. If you’re really struggling, try one of those round brush-dryer combos to make it easier, and be sure to section your hair as you go. 

3) The wet look

Slicked back, sleek hair has been trending for a few seasons now, and it came back with a vengeance on runways last season. That means we’re in for another resurgence of this look, both for those sleek side parts and all-over, down wet looks. 

You’ll need to invest in good hair gel and hair oil for this one, and a good comb if you’re slicking your hair back. Also, it’s not recommended to opt for that look too often, because it can damage your hair.

For the loose wet look, smooth oil through your hair from roots to ends instead of using gel to avoid that crunchy, piece-y look. You can even use a hair mask to get this look and treat your tresses at the same time.

4) Braided up ‘dos

From super tight, micro braids to rope twists and cornrows, braids have long been  popular with Black women as protective hairstyles that also happen to look amazing. 

This spring, particularly on the red carpet as awards season dawns, braided up ‘dos will be everywhere. Araina DeBose combo’d cornrows with a super curly ponytail on a red carpet at the end of last year, and Kerry Washington piled her braids into a massive bun in January. 

Going for a sleek, pulled back style will let your braids stand on their own, but the beauty of this look is pretty much anything goes.     

5) ‘00s deep side parts

Again with the nostalgia, and for the benefit of Millennials, we give you the return of super deep side parts. You can look to your favorite shows from that era, like The Hills, The OC and The Simple Life, for a little inspiration.

Essentially, just part your hair as far to either side as you want, and add a little texture throughout. This is one that might be better to do with your hairstylist, starting with a cut. But we’re all for moving away from those sometimes-severe center parts.  


What to consider before you take the plunge


Before you make a big change, ask yourself these three questions:

1) What is my hair? Consider your hair type. If you’ve got thin hair, wispy bangs might not work for you. Or, if you’ve got curly hair, you might need a more textured cut vs. the blunt look. Regardless, your hairstylist should be able to guide you in the right direction and give you a cut that suits both your hair type and your face shape.

2) What is my budget? This one is especially relevant for hair color. Going from a deep brunette to a blond can be really, really expensive, both to initially achieve and then maintain. If you really want to go lighter, consider starting with highlights instead of jumping off the (expensive) deep end right away.

3) What do I actually have time for? Again, certain colors and cuts can take a lot of time to maintain. If you go short, you’ll have to be back in your stylist’s chair once every six weeks to maintain that length. And, if you choose a hair color that's really different from your natural color, you’ll have to get your roots touched up as often as once every three weeks. Make sure you’re prepared to commit. 


A woman with a velvet bow in her hair, a big hair trend for spring 2024.


The final say on your new spring hair


If you’re ready to make a big change for spring, we salute you, and we know it’ll look great. Just make sure you gather lots of inspiration photos to bring to the salon with you, you know exactly what you want, and you’re truly ready for a change, big or small. 

That said, even if it’s not perfect, it’s always fun to try something different. And the beauty of changing your hair is that nothing is really permanent. So, bring on spring, and bring on your new hair.