An artsy shot of a woman with ultra-long knotless braids holding flowers.

Jun 10, 2024

The low-down on high-style knotless braids 

Knotless braids hit different, and it’s easy to see why they’re the toast of every feed and fashion moment. No pulling, no headaches, just pure style. Whether you’re channeling Zendaya on the red carpet or just keeping it casual for a coffee run, these braids pay tribute to hair that’s as free-spirited as you are. 


And if your hair goals include looking effortlessly cool without sacrificing comfort, knotless braids are your hairstyle hero. Ready to reinvent your look with something that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the scalp? Read on for our 20 top picks for knotless braid hairstyles. 


What are knotless braids?

If you've been off-grid or screen-free (we envy your willpower), here’s what you missed: knotless braids are a must-try method in modern styling. Unlike traditional braids that start with a small knot at the scalp, knotless braids begin with your natural hair, gradually integrating braiding hair. This technique not only keeps your style supremely smooth but also mirrors the natural flow of your locks. 


Celebs like Zoe Kravitz and Amandla Stenberg have been flaunting these trendsetting styles on red carpets and magazine covers, proving that knotless braids are perfect for anyone looking to fuse Hollywood glamor with everyday chic.


What’s the difference between knotless and box braids?

While box braids might get the nostalgia vote for their '90s comeback vibe, they also bring the kind of scalp tension that can make you see stars. Knotless braids switch things up, blending extensions with your natural hair from the get-go, giving you all the style minus the headache. They lie flat, feel lighter, and look like they grew right out of your scalp—manifesting in a more comfortable, natural-looking upgrade.


The benefits of knotless braids 

✔ Scalp health: 

No more dreaded tension headaches! Knotless braids are tied tightly at the roots, reducing stress on your scalp and preventing the discomfort commonly associated with traditional braids.

✔ Natural look:

These braids taper naturally from thin to thick, mimicking the natural density of your hair. The result? A seamless style that’s both beautiful and believable.

✔ Versatility: 

Whether it’s a sleek back ponytail, a half-up, half-down look, or fully let down, knotless braids adapt effortlessly to a variety of stylish configurations.

✔ Longevity:

Knotless braids might be gentler, but they don't compromise on durability. With proper care, they can last as long as traditional braids while keeping your hair and edges healthier.

✔ Low maintenance:

Free up your mornings—knotless braids are easy to maintain. They don't unravel easily and keep their neat appearance longer, which means less time styling and more time enjoying your look.


Want to see how these styles stack up in real life? Discover our lineup of knotless braid hairstyles below that are as practical as they are Instagram-worthy.


Give these knotless braid hairstyles a try

Boho knotless braids

Think of Boho knotless braids as the "I woke up like this" of hairstyles. Perfect for anyone who aims to look effortlessly cool without really trying. These slightly tousled braids are your ticket to nailing that carefree, festival-ready look—or just pretending you’re a laid-back surfer girl. Ideal for dreamy selfies or floating through your day with a flower crown in tow. Get ready to channel your inner bohemian goddess with zero fuss.


Smedium knotless braids 

'Smedium' knotless braids are for those who concur that size does matter. Not too big, not too small. They're just right for anyone looking to make a statement without going overboard. These braids are your weekday savior and weekend vibe-maker, able to leap from the boardroom to the dance floor in a single bound. Thread in some gold cuffs or ribbons for extra sass, or let them flow wild and free for that naturally polished effect.


Knotless braids with curly ends 

Swap the predictable for playful with knotless braids that finish with a curl. It’s the hairstyle equivalent of a plot twist in your favorite series—unexpected but totally right. These braids keep it business at the roots and throw a curl party at the ends. Perfect for anyone looking to mix up their style without committing to full curls, they let you flaunt some bounce where it counts. Just run some defining cream through those curls, and you're good to go—easy, breezy, and beautifully curly.


Blonde knotless braids

Blonde knotless braids? Absolute showstoppers. They bring a bold edge to traditional braids, making them pop in a way that's hard to miss. Perfect for anyone looking to break the mold and stand out. These braids catch the light—and plenty of compliments—whether you're rocking them at a weekend brunch or a nighttime event. To keep your blonde looking fresh, invest in some quality color-care products. After all, when your hair is this eye-catching, maintaining that sunny hue is key to keeping the spotlight on you.


Goddess knotless braids 

Channel your inner Beyoncé with Goddess knotless braids that flow from crisp braids into loose, wavy ends. It’s the kind of upgrade that lets you strut with a bit of celestial swagger, turning the sidewalk into your runway. For upkeep, a little hydrating mist in the morning keeps the waves lush and the compliments rolling. Wear them and feel like the deity you are, whether you're commanding a boardroom or cruising through weekend festivals.


Knotless braids with beads 

Spice up your strands with knotless braids dotted with beads—think Solange at Coachella, cool and effortlessly artsy. Pick from earthy wooden beads or brightly colored ceramics to express your mood or match your outfit. Slide them on the ends for that perfect flick, or scatter them up top for a little surprise sparkle. It’s personalization at its peak, turning each braid into a bold expression of your personality.


Chunky knotless braids

Go big or go home with chunky knotless braids that make a statement without saying a word. These easy-to-style braids pack the drama of a bold look but stay light enough not to weigh you down—ideal for anyone who loves to stand out. Style them loose for that laid-back day out or twist them into a high bun for the nightlife—it’s your hair, your rules. 


Micro knotless braids 

For a look as detailed as your favorite Pinterest board, micro knotless braids are the way to go. They’re like the fine jewelry of hairstyles—small but with a major impact, offering elegance and edge in equal measure. Patience during installation pays off with a versatile, enduring style that's sleek, chic, and oh-so-neat. Just keep them free from tangles with a moisture shampoo and conditioner combo, and you’re golden. 


Colorful knotless braids

Swap your hair color as often as you swap playlists. Colorful knotless braids let you flaunt hues from sunset oranges to ocean blues, turning your hair into headline news. Keep those shades vibrant with a gentle wash routine and a cool blast from your dryer. It’s your hair’s chance to live out loud, even on a Monday morning.


Knotless braids in a bun

Turn the classic bun on its head with a knotless twist. This style packs all the practicality you need for a sweaty gym session and all the chic you want for a night out. Plus, it’s an instant solution for "I slept through my alarm" mornings. Throw those braids up, secure them with a scrunchie, and boom—you’re put together with zero effort.


Long knotless braids

Channel your inner Rapunzel with long knotless braids that flow like a river. They’re perfect for dramatic hair flips and making an entrance. Plus, the length is versatile enough to let you experiment with all those Pinterest styles you’ve been saving. Just remember to give them some TLC with a silk scarf at night to avoid fairy-knot nightmares.


Medium knotless braids

Medium knotless braids are the Goldilocks of braids—not too long, not too short, just right for anyone juggling a busy schedule. They’re easy to manage and style, making them ideal for a seamless transition from work to play. Whip them into a top knot for your meetings and let them down for happy hour.


Short knotless braids

Breaking: Short hair styles are trending this summer. And it gets even better for girlies trying out knotless braids: Short knotless braids are the low maintenance heroes of the braid world. They’re quick to dry, easy to style, and perfect for those who love a neat look without the length. Get playful with colorful elastics or subtle with classic black—these braids are your daily armor against the dreaded bad hair day.


Knotless braids with highlights

Knotless braids with highlights are your secret weapon for depth and dimension without the damage of full dye jobs. They weave lighter shades through your braids, catching the light and adding a subtle, sun-kissed effect. Style them down to showcase the varied tones, or pull them back to give just a hint of color intrigue to your look.


Knotless braids with a side part

Shake things up with knotless braids featuring a sassy side part. This style slants sophistication into every strand, offering a frame that highlights your best features. The side part isn't just a fashion statement—it's a strategic move that brings asymmetrical elegance to the table. Style it sleek or tuck it behind one ear for that casual coffee date look. It's versatile, refreshing, and gives a whole new angle on classic braids.


Half-up, half-down knotless braids

Master the art of casual meets classy with half-up, half-down knotless braids. This style flexes its versatility, perfect for days when you can't decide between letting your hair down or styling it up. Secure the top half with a fun clip or a simple band for an effortlessly chic look that goes from morning meetings to evening escapades. It’s the ultimate "have your cake and eat it too" hairstyle.


Knotless braids with accessories 

Accessorize your knotless braids for an instant style upgrade. Think of each braid as a work of art waiting to happen—beads, rings, or colorful threads can transform the ordinary into eye-catching. Clip on some metallic beads for a subtle shine or thread through bright ribbons for a burst of color. Just choose your accessories, weave them into your braids, and watch your hair become the highlight of your look.


Ombre knotless braids

Dive into the depths of color with ombre knotless braids. This gradient effect, fading from dark roots to light tips, adds a smooth, sun-kissed look that feels like summer all year round. Achieve this beach-ready style by choosing extensions that naturally graduate in color. It’s low maintenance, high impact, and absolutely Instagram-worthy.


Knotless braids with a middle part

Keep it classic with knotless braids styled with a middle part, ensuring both sides of your style stay balanced and neat. This evergreen choice distributes your braids evenly, framing your face symmetrically and beautifully. For maintenance, just ensure the part stays clear and defined, enhancing your braids’ clean lines and sleek appearance.


Knotless braids bob

Who says braids can’t be edgy? Knotless braids fashioned into a bob are here to challenge the status quo. This style brings all the benefits of knotless tech—less tension, more comfort—into a chic, short cut that’s easy to manage and surprisingly versatile. Style it smooth for a polished feel or mess it up a bit for a carefree vibe. Either way, you’re going to turn heads.


Ready, set, style

When life's little disappointments pile up—like that lukewarm latte or the overbooked yoga class—there’s still one reliable joy: your hair. Knotless braids aren’t just a style. They're a lifestyle, effortlessly swinging from your morning mirror selfie to your evening unwind. They're the unsung heroes that keep you looking pulled together when everything else might just be unraveling.


For those braids to stay as fresh as your enthusiasm, good care is key. Explore the Lauren Ashtyn Collection not just for style inspiration but for the kind of hair products that keep your braids glossy, healthy, and turning heads. Remember, a fabulous braid day is just the right product away.