Feb 03, 2017

NOTE: We will be posting a few blogs each week with links in an email blast every Monday and Friday. To make sure you see them, be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the front page of our website! Thanks to all of you, 2016 was an incredible kick-off year for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection! Confidence was built, dreams came true, and lives were changed around the world this past year. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection team could not be more grateful or excited for what is to come! We want 2017 to be even better and have we have tons of surprises in store for all of you! In about three weeks, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection will be flying out to Los Angeles to be a part of the Grammy’s Lounge! We could not be more excited for this opportunity and the best part is – we get to take you with us! Follow us on any of our social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and more – for a sneak peak of what the celebrities will have from us in their gift bags, little behind-the-scenes blurbs of our preparation and participation in the event, and maybe even shout outs from celebrities! You’ll be able to find out which celebrity is your Lauren Ashtyn Collection twin and see what they have done special to style their own piece. After the Grammy’s, make sure you tune into The Today Show and many other news outlets to watch as they pull out our hairpieces along with other gifts that will be in the 2017 Grammy’s Gift Bag. Soon after the Grammy’s we have another big milestone for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection: we will be opening our very first salon and extension bar in downtown Spartanburg, SC! You will be able to come in and have your extensions selected and customized in person! Keep an eye out while you visit – you may even be able to meet Lauren Ashtyn, her husband, or any of the other members of The Lauren Ashtyn Collection team. You will be able to see first-hand the process your hair went through from when you placed your order to when it arrived at your door while you get your hair done. In addition to customizing extensions, this salon will also offer luxury cuts, colors, and styles from professional stylists hand-selected by Lauren Ashtyn to keep your natural hair looking amazing. And the 2017 excitement doesn’t end there! New luxury items will be joining The Lauren Ashtyn Collection throughout the year! When you order from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you might be surprised to see that your new hairpiece now travels in style from our salon to your front door with a glamorous new box and foam styling partner to protect it from any bumps on the voyage. Be on the lookout, too, for expansions to The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Men’s Line (hint: beards need a little love sometimes too!), The Lauren Ashtyn Hair Care Products (hint: sometimes hair styles needs a little help keeping their shape!), and The Lauren Ashtyn Collections Hot Tools (hint: Lauren Ashtyn is in the process of designing all kinds of toys for those that love to change their look!). Finally, Lauren Ashtyn is in the process of formulating and introducing an entirely new line: The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Professional Color Line! Make sure you keep up with us through email, social media, and our website to keep tabs on when our new products will be hitting shelves! All of us here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are looking forward to this new year and we can’t wait to bring you with us on this wonderful journey! Until next time! Lauren Ashtyn Guest