Dec 23, 2017

Making resolutions for the New Year is a popular tradition, mostly centered on being more diligent and productive: lose weight, save money, start exercising, etc. What about making a resolution that will affect you every single day of the year? A resolution that can boost confidence, personal pride, and beauty? This year, focus on the following four goals when it comes to your hair and you will reap the rewards all year long.

Try Real Hair Extensions

If you search the internet for the hashtag Hair Goals, one thing will become immediately apparent. Everyone is obsessed with long, luxurious, wavy hair in every colorway. Trying out hair extensions might just be the game changer you’re looking for. Hair extensions will instantly add volume, thickness, and length so that your hair looks almost too good to be true. Real hair extensions look real because they are, so no one will be the wiser if you decide to add a little length or volume to your hair with extensions. Clip-in extensions are a great starting place, as they are easily applied and removed, low maintenance, and natural looking. clip-in hair extensions

Add Some Color

When it comes to hair color, a little can go a long way. Color can be used to completely transform the way a person looks and feels. For those looking for a more subtle change, color can enhance and brighten the hues of the hair you already have. Adding low lites and highlites is a relatively fast and easy way to add interest and depth to otherwise boring hair, without coming on too strong. On the flip side, if you’ve been wanting to experiment with your hair color—there is no time like the present. Make this year the year that you finally try that trend you’ve been screenshotting to your phone—perhaps a balayage look?

Make it Smooth

Having soft and smooth hair should be everyone’s goal because the payoff is instant—hair that is manageable, easy to style, and soft to touch. That’s a win all around. The key to smooth hair is healthy hair. Taking care of your hair by avoiding heat tools, not over washing, and applying a deep conditioner weekly will do wonders for your hair. If your hair really needs a therapeutic boost, try visiting your favorite salon and asking for a Keratin treatment. Keratin can rejuvenate the hair and leave it repaired, soft, and silky smooth.
Learn a New Style
If you’re eager to get out of a style rut, learning a new hair style is a great place to start. There are tons of video tutorials on the internet, so learning fun and easy styles is a piece of cake as long as you are willing to have a little patience to practice on yourself. A braid like a fishtail braid might look impressive and overly complicated, but it’s actually considered even simpler to do than a regular braid. So impress your friends and impress yourself by brushing up on a few new ‘dos.