Dec 20, 2017

Hair extensions are a popular beauty trend, utilized by many women in the world today, including celebrities. Due to this popularity, there is an immense number of hair extensions on the market today, which can be applied using a variety of methods. Clip-in hair extensions are the clear-cut winners when it comes to convenience, customization options, and the health of your hair.

Conveniently Temporary & Easy to Remove

Unlike more permanent hair extensions, such as sew-in extensions, clip in hair extensions can be temporary and easily removed. This is especially convenient for women with a more active lifestyle who still want to their hair to look thick and voluminous when the time comes to get more dolled up. The hair extensions can be removed when swimming, going to the beach, working out, sleeping, or any other time you wish! This will help preserve the life of your extensions. Since they are easily removable, clip-in extensions make it simple to change up your look and there’s no real commitment involved.

Many Options for Size and Color

clip in hair extensions Clip in extensions come in many different sizes, so you can easily add the volume you need where you need it, without committing to a particular length. If you have short hair that seems thin and could greatly benefit from added volume, simply pick a light volume root coverage clip in extension. Likewise, if you’re doing a hair style like an up-do where longer hair is more trouble, you can remove longer extensions and put in short ones so you still have volume. Just as there are many options for size, clip-in extensions also come in a variety of colors and can even be customized to match your exact current hair color.

Ease of Application

Clip-in extensions are easy to apply, so there is no need to spend money at the hair salon for application. Some salons might charge a hefty price for a professional application—but this is unnecessary with the ease of clip-in technology. All it takes is setting the extension on top of your head, pushing down on the clips to snap them in place. And then, style as you choose. Ta-da! Instant volume in just a few minutes.
Less Hair Damage
Unlike other hair extensions, clip-in extensions cause little damage to the hair. Some extensions are applied using a heating element which can damage the hair. Others use a glue which can also cause damage if applied or removed the wrong way. Glue can also cause clogging of the hair follicles and even infections if applied directly to the scalp. Sew-in extensions have their own risks—too tightly sewn in extensions can cause headaches or even hair loss. They can grow bacteria which can lead to infection if not washed frequently since they stay on the head, unlike clip-in extensions which can be easily removed.