Mar 28, 2017

Celebrities have a special talent for looking amazing wherever they go. A combination of stylists, hair dressers, beauticians and more keep celebrities looking top notch; but how do they do it? Many people assume that celebrities have secrets to keeping up a flawless disposition; however there are ways to for anyone to get the celeb look. Use the following tips to look fresh off the red carpet at your next glamorous or evening event. From galas to dinner parties, wow the crowd with celebrity quality style. Step out with a new breath of confidence!

Add Some Extensions

The red carpet is home to some of the best celebrity hairstyles. The updos and waves are always goals. While the hair may look natural and flowing, celebs are known to get some extra help. To get some of those amazing looks your favorite celebrities flaunt, do not be afraid to experiment with hair extensions. Extensions can be used to add length, body, and more to hairstyles. Many celebs achieve those fuller, healthier hair looks with luxury hair pieces. Consult with your hair stylist for the right style for you. luxury hair pieces

Easy Glam

Makeup is the next step to assuring a red carpet worthy look. A makeup look can make or break the effect of an outfit. Celebrity red carpet makeup differs from runway or editorial photo shoots. While a celebrity may rock bold eyeliner and glittery blush on the cover of a magazine, the red carpet looks are more traditional. Choose a makeup look that is both simple and glamorous. This can be achieved by pairing neutral and natural eye colors with a flirty faux lash. Complete the look with a soft and subtle blush and a classic lip for a modern glam effect.

Best Dressed

Now that hair and makeup is done, it is time to select the garment. This is the piece that everyone will remember. The right dress will accentuate your body shape and height, beautify skin tone and look flawless from every angle. The key to a perfect fitting dress is to get it tailored. Ordering a garment from your favorite store in your standard size is a great start but to get red carpet worthy looks, go the extra mile. A perfectly tailored dress is the difference between a nice outfit and a jaw dropping number.
Accessorize Like A Pro
The hair and makeup are perfect, the dress fits like a glove, now what? It is time to accessorize! Accessories are an easy way to add an extra touch of glam to an outfit but they can also take your look from red carpet to concrete. Choosing the right accessories may seem like a tiring process, but in hindsight, it is simple. Does your dress bring the drama? Keep it simple with stud earrings and a simple clutch. Is your outfit pretty chic and simple? Add some flair with a bold shoe and statement earring. Accessorizing is all about balance. Use accessories to add attitudes the dress cannot convey.