Jul 15, 2017

Breakage, split ends, dry scalp, dull hair, oily hair and more all plague even the most beautiful heads of hair. There are dozens of ailments that are sometimes unavoidable. Washing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis is sometimes not enough. Proper maintenance and a healthy hair regimen are the beginning stages of great hair from the inside and out. Building a system based on your hair needs is key. Develop a process that includes direct remedies for your specific hair needs. Here are four ways to sustain healthy hair.


A Healthy Diet


Healthy hair is a product of a healthy diet. Since hair grows from the scalp, it is nourished by what you eat. Instead of using hair supplements, get the nutrients from your food by consuming a diet high in proteins, zinc, biotin and iron, which are all great for gorgeous tresses. Protein is necessary for the growth of hair cells. Without the necessary protein, the hair will be weak and prone to breakage. The same goes with iron. Zinc promotes tissue repair and regulates the oil glands that nourish the hair strands, which is essential to hair growth. Water intake is also an important factor in hair health. Be sure to get the recommended 7 glasses or more every day.


Low Maintenance Styling


The less often you manipulate your hair, the less frequently you will experience breakage. Not styling the hair daily, especially with styling tools, is very helpful in promoting hair growth and limiting heat damage. Skipping styling a few times a week does not mean that your new best friend must be a hat. There are ways to style your hair with less manipulation. Luxury hair clip-ins are a great option. Clip-ins provide the opportunity to remain glamorous without the effort and heat damage on your hair. Invest in luxury hair clip-ins and give your hair an occasional break. Using rollers overnight and letting your hair air dry also reduce heat damage. After all, the less heat used on your hair, the healthier it will be!



clip in hair extensions


Stop Over Washing


Washing your hair daily is counterproductive to hair health. Over-washing is the cause of many common hair problems. The natural oils secreted by your scalp are cleansed out each time, which can lead to dry, brittle and dull hair. Skip your daily wash and begin to wash your hair only when necessary. About two to three times a week is a great goal for most. A dry shampoo is a great way to avoid over-washing. If your hair is semi-oily but not yet dirty enough for a harsh shampoo, use a dry shampoo to absorb some of the oil. When it is time to wash the hair, use a shampoo that caters to your hair needs. Focus on cleansing the scalp and conditioning the ends. Seek out a product that suggests it fixes your number one hair woe.


Change Your Pillowcase


Your cotton pillowcase may be the worst thing for your hair. Cotton can promote dry and brittle hair leading to frizzy strands, dullness, and breakage. A satin pillowcase will tremendously change the life of your hair. Not only will it elongate the wear of a style which results in low manipulation, a satin pillowcase is also great for hair and skin health. A silk pillowcase has the same effect. Invest in a pillow cover or even sheets crafted from these delicate fabrics. A satin or silk pillowcase will not dry your hair out and leaves your tresses with a gorgeous shine.