Jun 23, 2017

A new look may be in your future. If you find yourself bored with your look, it is time for a change. A new hairstyle does not need to be dramatic or even permanent. You can update your hairdo with big changes or subtle changes yet have the same wow effect. Think of ways you would be willing to change your look and get inspired by your favorite celebrity looks and beauty magazines. Below are some simple ways to upgrade your look.

Hair Cut

Cutting your hair is the easiest way to take your look to the next level. A haircut can be a super dramatic removal of inches and inches of hair or a simple trim to add layers and body. Cutting your hair is a fun way to change your style up. Haircuts give room to play with different shapes, and if you find yourself regretting your edgy new bob – it’ll grow back soon enough! If you are nervous to cut off all of your hair, try a long bob or layers to retain length but also get the wow factor of a haircut. Even bangs are an easy way to optimize a haircut. Whether you go for a glamourous pixy cut or a daring undercut, keep the sheers on your radar.

Customizable Hair Extensions

real hair piece Customizable hair extensions are a great way to change your look without the dedication to something permanent. Use extensions to add some drama to your daily look. Customizable hair extensions are great for adding length and style and can even be used to play with hair color. These hair extensions can be cut, colored, heat styled and more. Have your hair extensions customized to match your hair and your hair stylist install them for your new look. The new length and body is great for a style switch-up.

New Hair Color

A new hair color is a funky way to add a little pizzazz to your day to day style. If you do not want to change the length of your hair, add a new hue! Go bold and brighten up your look with a refreshing shade. There are many options for new colors and how to use them to revitalize your look. For a bright and fun new look, go lighter. Light blondes and browns are great for a full dye job or even highlights. For a chic glamorous look go darker than normal. If you are feeling bold, try a blue, black or even purple hair color.
Style Makeover
It is essential to transform your hairdo to give your style a new life; however, adding some new looks to your closet is also key. Go through your closet and get rid of any items that you have not worn in over two years. This gives space for the fashion haul you are about to unleash. Hit your local malls, boutiques, thrift stores and online platforms and shop for new staple items to fit your new look. Grab items that you may not have worn before. Push your style beyond the standard and add daring looks and statement pieces to your wardrobe.